Dream Afterthought


That’s my main feature today but before I get into details.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with the main picture. sadly it did not turn out the way I had planned which I am super bummed about. Some how the settings of the size of the image were set up funny, I didn’t notice, and was rushing to answer the door… hence the mess, BUT I wanted to publish it due to the fact that you all were so adorable, and patient. sorry it is what it is.


Before, I get into summerfest I would liek to mention that ..
the adorable bathing suit my kid avi is wearing is adorable.
From Just Kidding, and is NEW!
Comes in a variety of variations, and either a two piece or one.

mk, summerfest (how many times can I say that? ffs lol) time.. and this is post one of 3 jsyk.

1) !Ohmai Summer Hedgehog Buddies
Come in 6 different colors, a variety of different “looks” I guess is the word, as well as holdables.

2) [Commoner] Reclaimed Swingset
I love this swing set, it is beautifully made, and comes with 4 poses. 2 female, & 2 male.

3) <:*BoOgErS*:>
– BoxKites
A bunch of patterns/colors, and completely modifiable.

– Popsicle Stand
Just plain adorable.. what more can I say.

– Funky Fence
Comes in 2 options neutral, or as shown here funky colors.

4) O.M.E.N Summer in Japan
The cute picnic table and, basically most of the adorable food on it!

Plus the rest, I’m so bummed about this picture.. I will make it through this. haha.

summertime - main =(



Hair: [e] ~ Away
Skin: [PUMEC] ~ InnA
Eyes: {S0NG} ~ Alaska
Body Mods:
– .Loud Mouth. ~ Alli
– CuteBytes ~ (ToddleeDoo) – Body – BABY – Girl


Bathing Suit: just kidding ~ Summer Swimsuit (Two Piece) – Triangles { NEW }
Shoes: Surf Couture ~ Shoelace Sandals


Bow: (Elate!) ~ Silk Bow Headband
Swimmies: Reek ~ Swimmies


Dome: ~The Dreamer Creations~ ~ Sky Dome 100m
Fence: <:*BoOgErS*:> ~ Funky Fence Colors { Summerfest }
Sunflowers: [DDD] ~ Sunflower
Swings: [Commoner] ~ Reclaimed Swingset { Summerfest }
Stand: <:*BoOgErS*:> ~ Popsicle Stand { Summerfest }
Plates: origami ~ round plate
– flowey ~ pop! {the colored pops}
– 8f8 – 23 Popsicle { The Arcade }

Fridge: Lark ~ Mini-Polar (Green) { The Arcade }
Animals: { Summerfest }
– !Ohmai: ~ Squirt Hedgehog [Chocolate]
– !Ohmai: ~ Cool Hedgehog [Cinnamon]
– !Ohmai: ~ Peek-a-boo Hedgehog [Champagne]
Kites: { Summerfest }
– <:*BoOgErS*:> ~ BoxKite Orange Purple Blotch
– <:*BoOgErS*:> ~ BoxKite Yellow Blotch
Hodge-Podge ~ Lawn Sprinkler
O.M.E.N ~ Summer in Japan – Picnic Table – Green { Summerfest }
Food: { Summerfest }
– O.M.E.N ~ Summer in Japan – Bear cookies – Yellow Box
– O.M.E.N ~ Summer in Japan – Sandwich Fixings
/artilleri/ ~ Picnic party – Vase with flowers
/artilleri/ ~ Picnic party – Salt and pepper shakers
/artilleri/ ~ Picnic party – Tray with lemonade


– .click. ~ Dock Jumpers {modded}
– .click. ~ Sassy
– .click. ~ Kawaii
– aDORKable Poses ~ Floored II

x Amy Wahwah


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