Dream Afterthought

To Ü


1) Blues.
Hair! lovely, and comes in all the colors you know, and love.

2) Foxes.

1- @The Arcade
The set offers so much! [ The Add ]
2 different outfits in TONS of colors, a video game player, adorable animals, and such.
I choose to wear one of the outfits; to set the mood for the second installment of the set available below.

2- @The Chapter 4
Super cute headphones, and… backpacks!!
It’s love kids.

To Ü


Hair: Blues. ~ Gracelyn { NEW }
Body Mods:
– UTILIZATOR ~ Kemono Body v1.12.5
– UTILIZATOR ~ M3 – Head v.1.9.0
M3 Skin: .:: POMF ::. ~ M3 Head and Kemono Body – Pastel Goth Skin
M3 Eyes: .:: POMF ::. ~ M3 Head/Kemono Head – Bunny Eyes
M3 Lashes: OS: ~ Killer Lashes! (Tint!)


Outfit: Foxes ~ The Gamer – Foxeh – Peach { Arcade }


Headphones: Foxes ~ Bunneh Head Set – Mint { TC4 }
Backpack: Foxes ~ Bunneh Book Bag – Non Rigged – Mint { TC4 }
Anklets: .tsg. ~ Cupids Wing


Tv: *ionic* ~ cat-motion tv

x Dream Afterthought


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