Dream Afterthought

Volcano Girl!

Some one come feed me. pls.thnks.

LOTS of stuff to cover, some new, some older… but hey it’s all wonderful.

1) .DirtyStories.
A few things from these gals, they always have so much to offer.
check out details below, as well as the mainstore ofc.

2) Quirky @Kawaii Project
UNICORN HELMET! always be a unicorn.

Adorable short cut, great for any avatar.
Comes in a ton of colors, and is modifiable.

4) .::Cubic cherry Kre-ations::. @Fantasy Room
A staff to end all staffs.
lmao idk!
Comes in a couple color variations, and is adorable as you can see.

5) Cannibelle @Tales Of Fantasy
TIGHTS! I’m so happy shes back.
I missed having amazing quality tights.
uhm, these come in a ton of colors, two different color packs, light or dark.
PLUS Appliers for everything.

Volcano Girl!


Hair: LCKY ~ Helli { NEW }
M3 Skin: .:: POMF ::. ~ M3 Head and Kemono Body – Hanako Skin
M3 Eyes:.:: POMF ::. ~ M3 Head/Kemono Head – Bunny Eyes
M3 Lashes: Operator Symbol ~ Killer Lashes!
Body Mods:
– UTILIZATOR – The Secret Hideout ~ Keiko M3 – Anime Head
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Smoking
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Feet – Flat


Tights: ~Cannibelle~ ~ Damask Tights { @Tales Of Fantasy }
Socks: .tsg. Princess Socks
Shoes: *BOOM* ~ Ginchiest Creepers


Hat: .Quirky. Bitch, I’m a Unicorn – Black { @Kawaii Project }
Chest Piercing: .DirtyStories. ~ Diamond Queen Black-Gold { NEW }
(this is supposed to go on your head, I moved it just a fyi.)
Wings: .DirtyStories. ~ Evil Queen Wings { NEW }
Staff: .::Cubic cherry Kre-ations::. ~ {Azazel~ hell} staff { @Fantasy Room }

x Dream Afterthought

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