Astrexia Chrome, Dream Afterthought, Glitch Grantham

The Shops!

Hey hey lovely readers.
This post is strictly meant to not only promote our stores, but also let you in on a secret.
I recently RE-did the land, it is fun and adorable (to me anyways LOL!)
ALSO please to get a better view check flickr.

Our Stores! +

The stores are generally the same

We have…

cool story, bro. a simple gesture store, with hillary gestures at a cheap price.
(for now am in the works of learning things ;D)


Anatomy, an amazing shape, make-up shop.
Glitch has made all of my shapes and well they really are the best.


Lovely Disarray, with dark, whimsical make-up, and eyes.
If you’re looking for something different and you should be this shop should be your very first stop.


HEX APPEAL a fairly new addition to the land, and well Lix makes all sorts of things.
They are always well made, and different in an incredible way.


TastyDoom Our latest addition, that will be harboring a large variety of things..
I am pretty excited to see!


THEN the secret..
we NOW have rental spots open!!!..
See those beautiful towers by, floorplan.
Yup those are now open to rent 25 PRIM for 150 LINDENS a week.
I am only looking for well made items, preferable NOT templet stores, but depending we will see.
We are all original in our own way here, we expect nothing less from everyone else.
sorry, not sorry.
But, if you’re interested check out the land, then if you think you fit in..
please send ME – Dream Afterthought a note card with either a landmark, or your market place.
We are a small community, and get a lot of action, and would love to have more variety!

Here is the LANDMARK

Hope to Hear from you soon!

x, Dream


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