Glitch Grantham

Skin fair 2014

Hello ladies, as you saw in my previous blog post there was a sneak peak from the skin fair from the amazing little store buzzeri. This post will be dedicated to cater to the skin fair and what it has to offer you! With that said any items that aren’t listed SHOULD be listed somewhere in my past posts, if you can’t find them feel free to notecard me inworld or ask via flickr comments, it’ll be the quickest way to get an answer. Lets start, shall we? we have a lot to discuss.

Lets start with Atomic. Now as some of you know Atomic is a store that not only caters to skins but the very talented Ivy I’m sure has done it all as far as I can tell. If you’re new you probably don’t know much about atomic since it fell under the radar but it’s back now with some of the most adorable skins I’ve seen on the grid. It’s hard to take them off! Atomic offers a wide range of skin tones, as well as eyebrow options, multi colored brow add-ons, lip options, 2 different eyelids and appliers ladies, for the tangos, for the azzes, for the loud mouth. If you want cute, this skin will definitely cater to your needs!

Now lets talk about birdy. It’s been one of my favorites since I took notice of it. I first came across the shop around this same time last year. Alchemy participated in the skin fair and it brought my attention to the mastermind behind both Alchemy, and Birdy and I must say it was instant love. Birdy has not one but 4 skin releases for this years skin fair. First lets talk about Alex, this skin will cater to the ladies who prefer to be on tan side. The features are beautiful and probably one of the best works so far. Then we have Hazel, some unique features that I fell in love with once I put the skin on. It’s different, and I adore the brows, and just the overall look, it makes me look a bit moody and I like that appeal. Another skin by Birdy out for this years skin fair is May. May has a more Asian feel to her and is just adorable, but I also can see how it could easily be made to look sexy, so whether you want cute, or hot, with the right cosmetics and look you can pull off either look with this skin. Last but not least is Megan, I don’t know where to begin with her, she has a more mature look, and just strikes me as gorgeous.

Lets discuss Romi, from Glam Affair. Now if you’re familiar with this brand you’ll noticed about the recent changes Aida has done. She’s starting to offer different options, by that I mean, eyebrow choices, not only in color but in style, makeups, cheeks, noses, beauty marks, and can I just say how excited I am that there will be loud mouth appliers available now? Not only this but there’s also a new skin tone you might have gotten a glance at from previous events and skin releases, the skin tone is Asia and it’s the perfect tone between Europa and America. There will be a lot more options than pictured below, but as I have a lot of different brands to discuss and show off these are the combinations I made with each different skin tone. The first picture you’ll notice is more loyal to the base of the skin meanwhile every other has makeups and other options that you’ll be able to mix and match with this skin!

The Sugar Garden’s Eun-Seo is just adorable, just plain adorable, from the eyes, to the nose to the lips. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I knew I had to have it. If anyone knows the sugar garden, it’s known to not only make cute clothing, shoes, etc, but they have some of the cutest skins in the grid as well. Eilfie recently announced the making of her Vampy skin tone being now a permanent tone for the future releases and I just melted, I adore vampy! You’ll notice the skin comes in various tones! It comes with 2 different body types, soft & toned, beauty Marks, freckles, teeth options and eyebrow color options, as well as a no brow base skin. This, like every other skin mentioned above is a must have.

Last but not least, as I mentioned before what I blogged from the skin fair were cosmetics. Yes ladies, this skin fair doesn’t fall behind or limits itself to just skins, but also cosmetics stores will be joining in. Buzzeri being one of them, caters to cutesy makeups and amazing eyebrows, however what I have for you is cosmetics completely different, these are a bit more eccentric and that’s what I love about them, they’re different, they’re original, unique and from a store I’ve admired for quite some time now, La Malvada Mujer. I know you’ve seen her stuff in my blog before but I don’t think I sat and broke it down. I completely adore the things this shop has to offer, from accessories, to cosmetics, to tattoos, the uniqueness and unusual look of it all attracts me. These aren’t your every day makeup, but with a little mix and match they could be, I will be showing off the full collections but keep in mind, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyebrows, and things can be worn separately, so again, mix and matching options.

There’s a lot more to skin fair than these shops but this is all I have for you as of now! These are some of my favorite brands so make sure you stop by and check them out, you will not be disappointed. I know I wasn’t! A big thank you to the designers and their skins, and their hard work!

Skin Fair opens March 14, 2014. Make sure you keep posted for landmarks!

Happy Shopping,


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