Glitch Grantham

If Only Someone Actually Loved You

Something pretty disgusting was brought to my attention as I was getting a look together for a blog post and it inspired me to take it in another direction. I don’t often wear the usual mesh bits, including boobs and butt, but I did in the post for the simple purpose of shining the light to a certain problem. Someone distastefully decided to bash a designer for their appliers, the appliers specify that they’re for tangos, not mirage. I’m happy to say that I was able to wear my Atomic Tango appliers with my mirages. I saw screen shots of the “problem” and in said screen shot it’s obvious that the position of the mesh breasts is wrong. Just to enlighten the people who lack some common sense, tits don’t hover over your chest, they’re there. Here you can find an example, Click.

Here’s the right thing to do in this type of situation, you go into edit appearance, position your mesh bits to your avatar like they’re supposed to be fit. If there’s still a problem, contact the designer. The wrong way to go about things is to stir up drama in a social media site, trying to bash a designer and their hard work because of your complete and utter laziness and lack of ability to position things. People notice, and while you think you’re bringing attention to a problem stemming from the designer, the true problem lies within yourself. I’m sorry that you feel so frustrated and lack the ability to do things properly on your own but to push that fault to others, who spend their time working and being productive rather than bitching and moaning about things that are barely significant. I feel no shame in discrediting people like you.

TL:DR – Stop being a fucktard, inherit some common sense, and do things right instead of blaming others.

To check out what Alex is wearing follow this link!

[VN] Celestial Horns
.Atomic. Skin {Muse} Milk – Eyelid (B) –
.Atomic. Brow add-on {Muse} Milk – Pastel 3
[:T:] Eyeliner
.Loud Mouth. – Alli
.tsg. Chained Hearts Collar – Black
[LL] Vixen corset *soft pink*
[LL] Vixen High pants *Black*
*Sheer* Tights 28: Torn Opaque Black
[Gos] Ursula Wedge – Black

Happy Shopping,

Glitch & Alex

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