Glitch Grantham

Monday Meme

For a while now I’ve seen Strawberry Singh’s Monday memes and been wanting to join in on the fun but then I get distracted. The perfect one finally came along I suppose. Practical jokes… I’m terrible, I will grab any opportunity that rises to just poke fun or pull a joke on someone.

I’ll spare you all the mile long post and just stick to the last misadventure I had. I was bored one night and decided to make a cutout of Richard Simmons, but of course that wasn’t enough, no. I decided to pay a visit to a few of my friends parcels, just leaving behind cutouts of richard simmons, some big, some small, some hidden, some obvious, and then there was the one friend who had an entire sim and rezzing allowed, I think I left perhaps over 30?…

On to the pictures I suppose…


Another unusual habit would be going into strangers homes and taking pictures…

Welcome to the sick mind of a bored sler.


– Glitch


4 thoughts on “Monday Meme”

  1. Taking random pictures in the homes of strangers is unusual? I thought every one was doing it! *whistles innocently*
    I think I need to learn how to make random cutouts of people now…

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