Astrexia Chrome


Aydan Darcy, Owner of Haus Of Darcy is known for his design aesthetic when it comes to piercings & body jewelry. This new Haus Collection is no different.

-.HoD.- has released an all new original mesh piercing & body jewelry collection.
The Haus Collection is uniquely designed for the use of every style of avatar with unisex designs. Some Sets of the collection are made for popular mesh body attachments. The piercings can also be worn without the use of mesh body parts, these new piercing sets are made to fit any avatar of any size.

Also those who are VIP Group Members of – .HoD. – Haus Of Darcy, will be given a 20% discount on ALL MESH SETS.
Please don’t forget to activate your tag before making the purchase, otherwise you won’t get that discount.

I put together some look to mainly showcase the piercings I’ll be blogging.


[taketomi] – Jelly in Blacks 200L$

.Birdy. Blair Skin* ~Porcelaine~ Shine (Black) 100L$ Per Play
@ The Arcade

Eye Liner:
Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #2 110L$

“tSg” – WetLook – Deep Blue 100L$

Chest Piercing:
– .HoD. – Solomen MESH Chest Dermals Cross – Silent Rage 175L$

(epoque) – Fourrure Stole – Panther @ TCF 89L$

-Glam Affair – Xania Black


[monso] – My Hair – Jay/ Black Brown 245L$

.Birdy. – Damon skin* ~Porcelaine~

{Dead Apples} – Broken Glass – Silver

Eye Liner:
Lovely Disarray – The Guyliners : Set #1 110L$

Facial Piercing:
– .HoD. – Fast Hardbeat MESH Facial Piercing* (GROUP ONLY ITEM) 65L$

~Tableau Vivant~ SWAT pants (black) unisex 280L$


[taketomi] – Hana in Platinums 200L$

[Gauze] – Eyebrows Tintable – Designed Pack 250L$

{Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow 89L$

.Birdy. Blair Skin* ~Porcelaine~ Shine (bare) 100L$ Per Play
The Arcade

Facial Piercing:
– .HoD. – Blasé MESH Facial Piercing* 135L$

::HH:: Hucci Circolo Bodysuit – White 100L$


 – .HoD. –


Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

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