Astrexia Chrome

A Gryffindor & her Owl.

Hello dear Spougers!

Wizarding Faire 2013 @ The Mischief Managed role-play SIM started more than a week ago. Since then I’ve been running around doing my errands looking like the complete Harry Potter fan girl that I am.
The event personally blew me away. I was impressed with pretty much everything…
Great items created by talented designers, an amazing setup. Also the fact that you’re shopping within Diagon Alley, brings a great sense of atmosphere to the experience!

For the past week I’ve been decked out in Hogwarts attire & strutting my stuff. xD
Hope you enjoy my Gryffindor outfit as much as I do~

Hair Bow:
[monso] – My Bunny Band (Gift Pack)

Magika – Curious [02] 250L$

.Birdy. – Amber Skin* ~Pure~ (Available @ Wizarding Faire) 200L$

Eye Liner:
Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #2 110L$

TSG – WetLook (Aqua) 100L$

FATEplay – Scarf Evans – Lion (Available @ Wizarding Faire) 250L$

.Birdy. – Owlets* (Available @ Wizarding Faire150L$

FATEplay – Jenny – Gryffindor Black 600L$

[Aux]- Old Leather Satchel – Black (Available @ Wizarding Faire) 150L$

[okkbye] Wizard Books – Static Pose Set & MM Book (Available @ Wizarding Faire) 99L$

-tb- Plain Black Tights

lassitude & ennui – Batty shoes black (Available @ Wizarding Faire) 280L$

Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

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