Astrexia Chrome

There’s a New Pumpkin King in Town!

Morning Spouge readers!
It’s October~ One of my most favorite months of the year.
Had a little bit of time to spare so I decided to blog a look I put together originally for a picture I wanted to create.
Which I shall Share below here.

This look was completely inspired by the awesome new group gift over at Remarkable Oblivion.
The MESH Pumpkin Heads are insanely detailed & all around amazing! As I was dressing up Harue the thought of coming up with an updated look to ‘The Pumpkin King’ hit me.
I’m very much pleased with the results. Hope you all enjoy it too!

Pumpkin Mask:
RO – PumpkinHead Masks – Group Gift

Leather Jacket with Shirt & Tie:
8f8 – Soft GREY LEATHER JACKET with SHIRT and TIE 150L$

Left Hand Armor is part of:
Surreal Products – Nazgul Gothic Gauntlet Gloves 290L$

Right Hand Scissors:
RO – Scissorhands 299L$

Pants & Suspenders:
Fruk – BioTech pants Black 350L$

J’s – Short Boots Laceup in Black 380L$


Astrexia Chrome Harue


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