Dream Afterthought

take me to the edge.

So, Astrexia Chrome Harue  just covered this..

NEW HOD / Lovely Disarray Collaboration!

BUT i wanted to show it on a female, and show you how modifiable it truly is.

Plus give you the chance to check out SYL‘s NEW Group Gift!

take me to the edge.


– booN ~ center part
– booN ~ STK131 { NEW }
Skin: ~Alchemy~ ~ Demon Skin
Make Up: Lovely Disarray ~ Liner Set #2 – Tight Line
Eyes: Dead Apples ~ Sinistre Angre


Shirt: RaMa RoWanberry ~ Edda
Skirt: *BOOM* ~ Liquid Mini
Garter: SYL ~ Bold Pentagram Garter { NEW Group Gift }


Piercings & Make Up:
– .HoD. ~ Cosmis { NEW }
– Lovely Disarray ~ Cosmis Makeup : Black { NEW }

As Harue posted this piercing comes with tons of options, and 3 custom make ups.
I modded it better to fit my shape and look.
But this piercing in a whole is nothing short of amazing.
HOD never fails to amaze.
Then to add 4 beautiful hand drawn make up options you just can’t go wrong!


Pose: Del May


xo, Dream


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