Astrexia Chrome

Necro Warrior.

Hii dear Spouge readers~

Its been a little while since the last time you heard from me. In my previous post I mentioned my computer troubles. Recently I received all my necessary parts in the mail & I was successful in resolving my overheating issue. I’m really glad to be back & have my computer running as it should. Not having my computer functional was slowly but steadily driving me insane.
Thank you mail man for delivering my sanity.

Besides posting my look, I also wanted to mention that Lovely Disarray will be having a sale soon! Everything in store will be marked down by 30 – 50 % off of their original price.
I’ll be completely redoing the look of my store from the inside & I have to take everything down, meaning that after the sale it’ll all be gone temporarily as the store will be under construction. Although some of my older items I will take down until I am able to find time to set up the marketplace for Lovely Disarray.
Sale Starts: Tuesday, July 23.
Ends: Wednesday, July 31.
I’ll make an official poster/AD about the sale soon & post it on my Flickr.

Okay so time to show off my look. Enjoy. <3

Clemmm – REM Piece* – Black (No Flower is worn.) 103L$

RO – Necromancer Crown 249L$

[taketomi] – Kena_Dessin (DippuDye09 is worn.) 240L$

~Alchemy~ Demon Skin – Female – Abyssal 799L$

Lovely Disarray – Wet Eye Shadows (A Harlequin Day is worn.) 200L$

Facial Piercing:
– .HoD. – Scorpio’s Simplicity Part 2 – Silent Rage Metal (VIP Member Exclusive Set Bonus // 50L$ to join.) 75L$

{Dead Apples} – Thunder Eyes in Grape (Past Arcade Event.)

Posture Collar:
[R3] – Isobel Collar V2* in Black 150L$

BOINGO – Gladiatrix Shoulders in Black 300L$

[DA] – Plate Gauntlets (Heavily modified to fit) 299L$

[R3] – Penny Dress [V1]* 199L$

Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots in Black 700L$

LocationSavoir Faire


Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.

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