Astrexia Chrome

Raevens Elegance

I took these pictures weeks ago & I planned to blog quite a bit that day. Unfortunately I ran into issues with my PC. At the moment my CPU & GPU are overheating too much that my PC crashes.
I have a temporary fix which I didn’t want to resort to, & I also don’t recommend to do as it can cause other issues with dust & debris potentially damaging components. I’m planning on doing a bit of upgrading to my computer with a new PSU, replacing some of my fans & maybe a little more… I’ll just have to see what I can afford to upgrade at the moment.
I can hardly spend much time on my PC due to the overheating (honestly… I shouldn’t be on it at all) but I have things that have to be taken care of.

I hope you enjoy this look as it may be a while before I can coutinue blogging. Once my computer is back to top performance I’ll be able to blog all of what I had intended to blog weeks ago.

*booN – SCO052 hair (Purple is worn.) 280L$

*booN – gathered raised hairbase all colors pack (Purple is worn.) 100L$

Skin & Ears:
~Alchemy~ Demon Skin – Female – Abyssal 799L$

Lovely Disarray – Raeven [Limited Edition Makeup Set] (Dark Raeven is worn.) 250L$
Available for purchase inside Anatomy Body Shop, which is beside the Lovely Disarray store. Limited quantity available.

{D.A} – Shattered – Dream 89L$

Posture Collar:
(r)M~ Posture Collar ~ No.03 543L$

[HANDverk] -Scale Pauldron in black // ON SALE for 100L$

[Cynful] – Deliciosa – Black 190L$

HouseofFox :: Gia 300L$

Lovely Disarray – Unveiling Gloves & Leg Tattoo (Complete is worn.) 95L$

[ni.Ju] – Claws 120L$

N-core – ULTRAPLATFORM “Noir Intense” 795L$

Astrexia Chrome


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