Glitch Grantham

Cosmetic Fair & More.

So I have to excuse myself over the lack of blogging that’s been going on from my end. I’ve been very busy in rl and was away for the weekend. In this post I’ll be covering a few things, mostly from the cosmetics fair, summer edition. My oh my do they have goodies for you.

I’ll be blogging makeups from Glam Affair, La Malvada Mujer, Lovely Disarray and Essences.

I’m also bringing you Glam Affair’s Summer skin as well as Essences’s Cancer, and Whisper.

Summer can be found in the Summerfest ’13
Cancer can be found at the Zodiac
And Whisper can be found in The Dressing Room
The rest of the cosmetics can be found in The Cosmetic Fair Summer Edition (5 days left)

Glam Affair – Summer

Glam AffairCleo Lipsticks

Glam AffairColorful Eyeliner

La Malvada Mujer

-Lux Collection-

-Meteoropathic Collection-


-Fake Eyelashes Collection-

Lovely Disarray 

-The Ophidian-



-Endless Night Lipsticks-




-Liquid Shadows-

Happy Shopping,

Glitch ♥


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