Astrexia Chrome

.You know my name

Good morning? Well, it is here. It’s 5.00am + I’m in skype with my best friend, Adrean, and things are just awesome today. I spent the day doing house work and then I cooked 4 deserts because I can! : D I feel somewhat productive today which is a first in a while : D 

Yes, I’m some-what back to blogging on here, because, I feel like it. 

And I’m loving my male form very much at the moment so, today is going to be a blog of me as a sexy giant male. Hope you enjoy it :3



Firstly, the new stuffs. [Or new to me.]

Skin: Fruk – Jeremy [Well, I’m really beginning to get into my male avatar, and fruk is one of these reasons. Holy crap the skins keep blowing my mind, especially the newest release: Jeremy. It’s really fucking beautiful, and the body is wonderfully detailed. The body hair you get as a tattoo layer is also out of this world. I love male body hair and I can’t help but perv over my damned avatar with this body hair :Q___ Can’t wait for your up-coming releases Chucky!

Hair: Dura – Boy 40 [Hnngnggg! This hair is SO fucking sexy. I love Dura hair but I’ve only a few styles because often the best ones are the male ones and they just don’t work with my girl, but holy moly I have a good excuse to begin building up my collection, because I feel damned attractive in this hair! It’s so weird and wonderful with the up-do part, and then has the same lovely long half/curly locks on the front which make any male in secondlife look delicious. Go buy it now!  C :

Horns: Mes Sucreries – Chained Horns [Maelynda, you have OUT done your talents here. I’m a fussy person when it comes to horns but oh my goodness these are FANTASTIC. So beautifully made and textured and the chains just make them that much more…. appealing to me! I adore them, seriously can’t wait to see more of your mesh work!]

The other bits and bobs.

Eyes: Dead Apples – Anime Eyes [Arcade Gatcha]
Freckles: Clef De Peau – Jules Skin Cosmetics
Piercings: HoD 
Tattoo: Huz – Secret Lotus [Marketplace only]
Pants: Amerie – Mesh Cargo
Belt: The Abyss – Combat Belt [No longer available apparently]
Suspenders: Shi – Unisex Suspenders
Goggles: Contraption – Hooligan Goggles [No longer available at the moment! I believe he may be working on more for a normal store release, the ones I am wearing were for an event around christmas last year.]
Arm Strap: Cobrahive – Arm Strap [Marketplace only]
Gloves: Deco – Pilot Gloves, Deco – Her Nomad Vambrace + Tonk Tastic – Protection Gloves [Modded them, obviously!]
Leg Strap: Tonk Tastic – Combat Pants [Modded]
Boots: Tonk Tastic – 50’s Jump Boots + The Abyss – Grunge Boot 


Thankyou, and until next time, you know my name. Right?



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