Astrexia Chrome

Limited Editions!

Hello there Spouge readers!

Today I bring exciting news from Anatomy & also Lovely Disarray.

Since The Skin Fair has been well underway Glitch has created a very pretty shape with very limited quantities available to the public. Since this shape is limited edition there will only be 15 of them sold at the Anatomy shop in-world.

I decided to ask Glitch if she’d like the idea of me creating a special makeup for her limited edition shape Maia & she approved. So along with her Maia shape, nipple & crotch erasers you’ll get the limited edition Tribalist Hellraiser Makeup as well. It’ll also be available separately with limited quantities as well.

Anatomy’s’ nipple & crotch erasers are very handy for when you have a sheer top or bottom & don’t want the look of wearing underwear. When applied & tinted to your skin tone, your little naughty bits disappear!
As always Anatomy shapes work with a long range of skin brands & of course if there’s something you want to tweak to your liking you can easily modify the shape.

Shape & Makeup:
{Anatomy} – Maia [Limited Edition] (Available HERE)

– Astrexia Chrome


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