Glitch Grantham

Skin fair favorites.

Basically this narrows down my favorites from the skin fair. I thought the fair was going to drain every penny from my linden balance account, that wasn’t the case and not because some designers were kind enough to give their skins to me, or because I blog for them but because there was not a lot there that stood out to me and I absolutely needed. There IS one skin that I left out that I have yet to get but haven’t, it would be essences. I just can’t make my mind up on a skin tone, it’s impossible. First I was broke, and then just confused. It’s still driving me a little crazy but, all in all here are the skins that I adored from the fair.

The shape used for the skins will be available for sale soon at my store Anatomy, it will be a limited edition, I planned to release it the same date as the skin fair, however, RL got in the way, and recently I got an offer from Astrexia for a collaboration, so on top of a shape you get more goodies, all limited edition, 15 copies only will be sold! So keep an ear and eye out for exciting news on the turns Anatomy will be making! :3

Pink Fuel – Alyx (Thank you so much, Mochi <3)

Glam Affair – Zara (Thank you so much, Aida <3)

Glance Skins – Anais
The Sugar Garden- Hope
Kooqla – Mango
Alchemy – Elfin

Happy Shoppings my little skin addicts <3

– Glitch


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