Dream Afterthought

Club Stylez!!

So, I was nominated for a contest at Club Stylez.
At first I was hesitant because well we are a group blog.
But I am happy to represent my blog, and this club.
Not only is it owned by one of my dear friends, but it has become a place for us to go
to get away from all of the bullshit second life has to offer.
This club is a place where anyone can come to get away, play some fun games,
and listen to great music all the while being in the company of some of secondlifes finest people;
including myself and the rest of the bloggers on The Spouge.
Honest answer if it wasn’t for the friends I have made at this club,
I probably would have quit a long time ago.
I am not one for a lot of words, nor being mushy so you know I mean it when I do it.. haha

So, before I get into the details I will say contest aside
this is a place you should come to, relax, or get wild.. and just enjoy secondlife for what it was made for.

✖ Battle of the DJ’s Contest Set & Prize Includes:

Contestant For 5K Stylez Beats (Djs)
1. Wombat Forlife -4pm -5pm slt
2. LuciousMami Emerald – 5pm – 6pm slt
3. Moxie Meridoc – 6pm – 7pm slt
4. Deacon Raynier – 7 – 8pm slt
5. Booch Capelo – 8 – 9pm slt
6. Dips String – 9 – 10pm slt

✖ Best Blog Contest & Prize Includes:

Contestant For 7K Stylez Gossiblogger1. Skyler Vilotta @ Www.ohmahshizz.wordpress.com

1. Skyler Vilotta @ Www.ohmahshizz.wordpress.com
2. Rio Katana & Llnx Lysette @ Pearls & Pistols http://pearlsandpistols.wordpress.com/
3. AJ Diavolo, Landon Mode, Dirk Oxygen @ http://ingloriousbastardssl.wordpress.com/
4. Mandi Maven @ http://mandiloves.wordpress.com/
5. Alex Resident @ http://hostylefashion.blogspot.com/
6. Dream Afterthought @ https://thespouge.wordpress.com/
7. Eva Himanez
@ http://ladydafmaryjane.wordpress.com/
8. Raymond Loxingly @ http://stylestarz.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/chillin-with-muh-homo/
9. Eva Fairyscry @ http://dadivaz.blogspot.gr/
10. Aydan Kincade @ http://stylebysimone.wordpress.com/
11. Kaddy Fray @ http://swagstyle.wordpress.com/

✖ Sexiest Female And Prize Includes:

Contestants For 5K Swag Femme
1. Simone Kincade
2. Divalyse Resident
3. Eva Himanez
4. Sanaii Da Illest-Mode
5. Mkayla Tyran
6. Myikah Resident

✖ Hottest Male And Prize Includes:

Contestant For 5K Swag  Boii/Man
1. Elijah Haze
2. Bryce Gaultier
3. Moe Validus
4. Justin Clarrington
5. Arscene Dubrovna
6. Gersanie Resident

✖ Best Photographer & Prize Includes:

Contestant For 3K Stylez PS Pro
1. Breezie Bree
2. Astrexia Chrome
3. Saaskje Violet
4. Jaded Lorefield
5. Ashton Monae
6. Ninaraye Caramel

As you can see I am not the only one from this blog to be participating,

so come support us, have some fun, and enjoy the hottest club in secondlife right now!

Now on to my picture, and look;  taken at Club Stylez!

Which includes brand NEW pants from Villena.

(click to enlarge the picture for a better view)

club stylez!

Hair: Magika ~ Give { NEW }
Skin: *YS & YS* ~ Sofia
Make Up:
– [mock] ~ Wing It Eyeliner
– [mock] ~ eShadow Light Winterberry 1
– Cheap Makeup ~ Babysitters Club Lashes
Eyes: Dead Apples
Lashes: Candy Mountain

Shirt: Blah. ~ (Sweet Candy) Short Bustier
Pants: .:villena:. ~ leggings { NEW }

Headband: MONS ~ Hippie Chain Headband
Earrings: [7891.] ~ Pin-ed
Piercings: ~ Anti-Eyebrow
Necklace: Cute Poison ~ Multi-Cross Necklace
Bracelet: -RYCA- ~ CK bangle
Ring: [CheerNo] ~ Ring_Luv!
Bag: RO ~ Union Jacked Clutch

The event was postponed due to sl being a jerk… so.. here is the repost!

Hope to see you tonight, we will all be there! xo

– Dream Afterthought


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