Astrexia Chrome

No Boundaries

On AJ –

Eyes: Clemmm – Green Glass Eyes

Facial Hair: NEW FRUK – Empire beard

Shirt1: Nanuk – Washed Out tee (unavailable)

Shirt2: Nanuk – arn worn sweatshirt, grey (unavailable)

 Jacket: Switch. – Military Coat

Hands: CheerNo – mesh hands, #1

Pants: NEW AITUI – Leather It Is, Ash

Boots: DECO – Test boots, Black

Hat: TonkTastic – Beret

Chain: Garage R.H. – Dog-tag

Gun: BFH – M4A1/M203 986

On Booch –

Skin: NEW FRUK Bennett

Ears: MANDALA Simple Ears & Steking Ears v3

Hat: DECO Fatigue Cap

Shirt: :SEY Military Shirt

Shirt 2: mon tissu Stitched Thermal Black

Pants: NEW AITUI – Leather It Is, Ash

Boots: DECO Combat Boots

Gun: Sci Lab M4A1


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