Recently {Anatomy} released a lip cancellation layer for those who like to change the lips on your skin, or those who like a certain skin but the lips are just UGH. This nifty tattoo layer is super easy to use & it does the job so well. It’ll works with any skin color & the Lip Cancellation layers comes in three sizes; Small, Medium & large, because we all have different lip sizes.

{Anatomy}‘s Lip Cancellation helped me with the current skin I’m wearing. The other day I was out & about looking around for skins with no eyebrows or a skin with eyebrow-less option, my last stop was a MIASNOW. I hadn’t been there in a looong time, but I thought I’d give it a shot, & to my surprise I found a cute skin with no brows at all!
My only problem were the lips, I wasn’t a fan of them really. Everything else on the skin was great, but the lips just weren’t doing it for me… So I tried the Lip Cancellation & I loved the result.
Below you’ll see a before & after. In the panel of these three pictures you can see the skin with lips as is, next a lipstick layer above the skin lips & finally a combination of {Anatomy}‘s Lip Cancellation with my desired lip layer.

Clem Velinov released a new eye series named Fract Eyes. I will simply say that I love them.
The Fract Eyes come in many color variations so finding a color you like won’t be difficult. I suggest you head on over to Clemmm & get yourself some new peepers!

& Now for my look in collage format, enjoy~

MIASNOW – Skin 2012 – SWEETY (Pale is worn.) 399L$

[europa] – cernos antlers (White is worn.) 150L$

[e] – Looking – Essentials Collection (White 05 is worn.) 75L$

[Gauze] – Eyebrows Designed Pack (Geisha eyebrows are worn.) 250L$

Clemmm – Fract Eyes in Ice Blue *Thank you Clem~!* 103L$

Facial Piercing:
.HoD. – The Dead Piercings (Razor is worn.) 135L$

[ni.Ju] – RMK sim opening GIFT (Red Panda . grey is worn.) *Thank you Vitani~* Free 0L$
{D.A} – Liquid Liners (Thin Liner Black Strong is worn.) 75L$

Lip Cancellation:
{Anatomy} – Lip Cancellation *Thank you Glitch~* 150L$

JM:Mai skin – Thick lip gloss in pink beige 70L$

SiniStyle – Demonic Collar 250L$

*chronokit* – Mods coat 01 (Unisex, Black.) 400L$

Coat Fur:
*chronokit* – Mods coat 01 Fur White 50L$

Torn Top:
!RT – cinema strange ragged tops (Black.) 25L$

Gawk! – Black Sheer Tank Top 100L$

** – Diigii High Skirt Metallic Black (Long version is worn.) 150L$

Garter & Stocking:
HouseofFox – LeatherGarter (Doesn’t seem to be available in store anymore.)

[NeurolaB Inc.] – Xtrema Ankle Fetish (Black) 490L$

Empyreal Dreams (Les Miserables Area)

– Astrexia Chrome


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