Astrexia Chrome


I’ve got a lot on my mind today, so let me get to it~

For those that don’t know that our very own Spouger, Glitch Grantham & her body shop Anatomy now has a store in-world! Anatomy is home of some of the most amazing shapes on the grid.
Every single shape I’ve ever put on from Anatomy is beautiful perfection. These shapes have a very natural & well proportioned look, not only that but she creates these shapes to work with many different skin brands. Meaning you don’t have to be confined to a specific skin brand or color for you too look amazing.
Glitch’s new in-world store contains newer shapes out for sale, while Anatomy on the Marketplace has the older shapes. Both her older & newer shapes are amazing but are all different in a special way.
Her older shapes come in three sizes; 5’3″, 5’5″ & 5’8, for those who have height preferences, while Anatomy’s newer shapes come in one size which is 5’4″.
The shapes at Anatomy are also copy & modifiable for those who want to make small adjustments Whether you like the adorable, sultry, hourglass, pear shape & so on, I’m sure you’ll find one at Anatomy that fits your needs. So hurry on over to Anatomy & find your shape!

Maitreya release quite a lot of apparel & I must save that the Mini Skirt is by far my favorite new release to come out of Maitreya.
An absolutely amazing & flattering Mini Skirt that comes in many color choices of dark & bright leather. This rigged Mini Skirt comes in the standard sizes; XXS, XS, S, M & L. Onyx LeShelle always does such amazing MESH clothing, I adore the back side of her bottoms & skirts.
Yes, I’m talking about the ass… Simply put it’s a perfect butt.

Lastly I want to bring attention to my new favorite shoes by Diktator. The Dare Horseshoe Sandal is orgasmic, really.
Diktator makes some of the most amazing shoes that make me stare in awe. I always make sure to try to save up as much as I can to get the shoes because they are pricey as many other great shoe stores are, but these are so damn worth it.
The fabric, metal & structure of the shoe is fabulous. The Horseshoe Sandals are non-rigged MESH, comes with 20 different nail polishes for the toes, 3 metal options of gold, bronze & silver & a lot more features.

[e] – Interrupt – Essentials Collection (Elikatira Retirement Sale! Until Feburary 23) 84L$

LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin (10-pack) 1990L$

{Anatomy} – Eos (Thank you Glitch<3)

{D.A} – Nebula Nightfall 85L$

::Mr.Poet:: – Half Rim Eyeglasses 250L$

[NikotiN] – Cig’ Lady – White/Black (Past GSP item)

** – Bound Collar (Black, Rigged MESH) 200L$ Top: (NO) – Openback Lace Tee (Black) 100L$

Bra is part of:
-Glam Affair – Xania (Black) 290L$

[MANDALA] – OKAKI Unisex Bracelet set/Black 357L$

** – Bish Gloves (MESH, Black) 100L$

Maitreya – Mini Skirt in Dark Leather Black (MESH) 300L$

[Diktator] – DARE – HORSESHOE SANDALS (Black, MESH) 950L$

– Astrexia Chrome


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