Astrexia Chrome


Hello again Spouge readers~

Today I’m doing a quick LOTD post because I want to share some of my favorite new things I recently attained.

Yesterday Glitch instant messaged me with “Do you want free hair? It’s pretty awesome & all colors.” I said “Hell yeah!” so Glitch teleports me to ( R E D ) M I N T & I’m like WTF it’s so cute… You can see details HERE about why it’s free.
It’s a super cute hairstyle, & I love all of the color options available. Even though this hair is free & it made me very giddy, I’d gladly pay for it if it wasn’t. It’s just that adorable. It’s really nice of Moni Schulze to have this hair & all its colors available for free to us. So thank you Moni~ <3

The Glam Affair skin I have on is from a recent release in collaboration with Soleil Reid of Dead Apples. It turned out to be an amazing edition of Amberly perfection on top of perfection. I was completely in love & yet I couldn’t get a single one because I was broke!
Glitch soon fixed that… She was nice enough to buy me my ultimate favorite skin of the Amberly Petal Edition which is Rei. & I loooove the skin~ & Glitch for buying it for me, Aida Ewing & Soleil!

Wow this post is filled with love despite my choice of attire…
There’s much more I’d like to get into but I’m pressed for time. Hopefully my pictures will be enough for now. Enjoy~

Ears & Tail:
O.M.E.N – Fantasy Bunny Ears (MESH, not scripted. Black is worn.) 310L$

(r)M ~ c o l o u rD e m o in Reds (FREE @ RedMint!) <3 0L$

-Glam Affair – Amberly – Petal edition – Rei (Thank you Glitch!<3) 899L$

{D.A} – Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition (Sinistre Bloodlust is worn.) 299L$

{D.A} – Leopard WarPaint (Tinted red.) 55L$
[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] – The Liner (Longer Eyeliner Option 2 is worn.) 125$L

Dog Tags:
<TheAbyss> – F_Gear//Dog_Tags 150L$

::: B@R ::: – Assault Bunny (Black, MESH.) 190L$

Panties are part of:
Glam Affair – Xania Black (Underpants.) 290L$

.Shi : – Leather Suspenders (Rigged MESH, Unisex, Black.) 300L$

<UTILIZATOR> – Stockings – Transparent Black 20L$

[Gos] – Triumph Boots V2 (Worn, Female.) 795L$

– Astrexia Chrome


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