Astrexia Chrome

It Was Nice Knowing You

Hello there lovely readers~
This is my official first blog post of the year, YAY!

There’s a little bit I want to talk about here, I’ll start off with this amazing bodysuit I’m wearing.
The Hextile Bodysuit is by ELIXIR & I must say that I absolutely love it! When I look at the Hextile Bodysuit it makes me think of Nina Williams of the Tekken fighting game series. <3
This suit looks bad-ass & makes you feel that way too.
The hex-tile design, texture & quality of the Hextile Bodysuit is top notch. It forms to the body perfectly, & I adore the cutout back of the bodysuit so much… You’ll look dangerously sexy in this body hugging suit.

The awesome boots are from Insanya. When the Myx Boots were released in December of last year I screamed in joy, seriously I did. I teleported my pixel behind over to Insanya & bought my Myx Boots.
These boots are simply amazing, I love every single detail about them.
My pictures don’t even do them justice, you need to try them on ASAP if you already haven’t. While you’re at it buy a pair or three, the price is really reasonable at just 250L$!

That’s all I really wanted to talk about for now, below you’ll see the entire look in collage format, enjoy~

Clawtooth – Take your time – Bewitching Reds Pack (Delicious Wine is worn. Past C88 item.)

*League* – Sia Fair in Champagne 1,195L$

Cobrahive – Chika’s Eye Patch 80L$

{D.A} – Lumiere Original Blue 40L$

Facial Scar:
SlightlySkewed – Facial Scars 99L$

[PXL] – OpenMouth PRO 450L$

ELIXIR – Hextile Bodysuit (Female.) 450L$

SciLab – M4A1 (Free!) 0L$

[1A] – Salute gloves (Greys, Coal is worn.) 100L$

Throwing Knives:
[M e s s e r Co.] – Tactical Throwing Knives 1,000L$

Pockets are part of:
Graves – G331 Jinx (Black.) 460L$

:::insanya::: – Myx Boots (Mesh, Classic Black.) 250L$

Astrexia Chrome


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