Glitch Grantham

Attention all music lovers!

Alright lovelies, so thanks giving might be over but the holidays really aren’t. You know what’s coming up, Christmas, New Years, and all that good stuff. The staff at Stylez is celebrating early!! Have a long list of people to gift and need the money to do so? Like dressing up and showing off? Or do you just like running into a club and listening to music? perhaps all of the above. We at Stylez are providing different genres, different events, djs, and an ongoing party this Saturday, December 1st.

The club will open doors at 10AM slt, with DJ Lala playing some dubstep, followed by DJ Louie playing some hip hop at 11AM slt. First contest starts at 12pm slt, ends at 2. “Anything Christmas” where we offer 3,000L also sponsored by Latreia Foot Fashion & D-Style! There’s a lot you can do to win this event, just make sure you stand out in a good way. The DJ during this event will be DJ Epiphany and she’ll be playing some dancehall & hip hop. Once that’s done you have your time to chill out and listen to DJ Taze taking over with DnB & Drumstep at 2, followed by DJ Mysterio playing some Mashups at 3, and DJ Moxx taking over for the Sexiest Christmas Contest from 4-6, 7,000L offered for this event also sponsored by Latreia Foot Fashion & D-Style! House music is what will be playing during these 2 hours. DJ Elbow’s gonna be taking over playing some deep house, at 6, followed by DJ Lola at 7 playing various tunes.

And the last but not least contest of the night taking place at 8pm-10pm slt, the Undead Christmas event, DJed by yours truly, me. 5,000L will be offered for this event with an additional sponsor, HoD (also sponsored by Latreia Foot Fashion & D-Style). Not your usual contest, then again I was asked to come up with one and I like being a little creepy. Let me explain, whatever creature you desire to be, Zombie, a Demon, an Imp, a Doll, Vampire, Wolf, anything you can think of whether cute, or nasty, just not human, on top of that make sure you make it look festive. Odd combination I know, but I like a challenge. I want to play music fitting to the theme on top of the music I tend to play on Saturdays since it’s a regular shift of mine at club stylez, which is industrial – EBM.
I’ll explain a bit about the club, the name Stylez is very much a fitting name for the club. We don’t always offer contests but we do offer music on a daily basis, each day has it’s own genre(s) and at least 2 different DJs, then you have a day where it’s DJs choice and they get to play just about anything they want. Each day, each DJ brings a different style of music every day of the week, it’s a club that will please just about anyone, if you’re someone who are not open to different styles of music the club might be one you frequent perhaps once a week if that’s what you’re into. It’s fairly new, but I love the idea, and it’s something I wanted to share with you all.

It’s a side of me that unless you know me personally you might not know, I love music, I love listening, playing it, sharing it, discovering new things and this is something that I’ve been doing in sl for about 4 years on and off, I stop, I take breaks, but so long as I’m in SL it’s something that I’ll continue doing. That’s a little bit about me!
I’ll include pictures with the outfit some of the club staff has come up with and some of my friends for my event. I’ll do the listing of what my friends and I are wearing after Saturday goes by. Keep in tune for it <3

A big thank you to all event sponsors 


Latreia Foot Fashion 


Stylez Staff

My lovely friends.

My Dead Doll Wife, wrapped around in bows, My demonic self, My Imp best friend in both worlds, and My little creepy zombie reindeer, CUDILF.

I adore these girls to pieces. :3

We’ll all welcome you to Stylez

– Glitch


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