Astrexia Chrome

Purrfect Cat Burglar

Halloween is soon approaching, & for as long as I could remember I have always wanted to dress up as the sensuous anti-hero cat burglar from the Batman series, known as Catwoman.

All the costumes of Catwoman that I’ve ever wanted IRL are just completely unavailable or recreations of it are just way too expensive, which makes me sad. Since I could never afford such a costume that would best represent her in my eyes, the next best thing is to come up with a look on SL of course.
The catsuit is an iconic trait of hers, which I love to pieces… But here, I wanted to take a slightly different route. Something that that costume designers for Halle Berry’s attempt at being Catwoman failed to do. LOL
So here is what I have put together in homage to my beloved Catwoman.
Rawr enjoy~

The Kat mask & hair combo from MINA Hair was an instant hit with me, I went off & got my pixel hands on it as fast as I could. It’s absolutely beautiful, not only because of its source of inspiration but also it’s very well done. The mask is my favorite part about the whole thing, absolutely stunning work here.

I decided to go with the Belted Leather Jacket by *League*, it’s a favorite outerwear option of mine since there are many ways to wear it. All in all, it’s just one of those jackets that’s bad-ass with some sexiness to it. Its an oldie, but still a damn fine goodie. This is a must buy, unless you already own it.

The rest of my choices fell into place nicely.
Obviously I was in need of a whip & the Dominator 2.0 belt from Insanya took care of that for me. I loove this belt!

The mini skirt is a recent release from Happy Undead, which I absolutely adore. I bought two different colors of the Vinyl option because I like shiny if you haven’t noticed by now. These mini skirts are amazing & a very reasonable price for a fantastic mesh skirt.

Mask & Hair:
MINA Hair – Kat Essentials (Red hair color is worn. Available @ Cinema in the Action/Adventure Theater.) 275L$

“tSg” – Awake in Aqua 100L$

*League* – Skin Sia (In Fair Champagne.) 1,195L$

{D.A} – Ose Eyeshadows Pack (Ose Black is worn. Past *Fl Fridays Item.)
[PF] – Elly Cosmetics – Glam Lipstick (Cherry is worn. Included with Purchase of Elly Skin.)

*BLITZED* – Legacy choker (Black.) 150L$

*League* – Belted Leather Jacket (Black.) 195L$

{Lemon Tea} – [Neko Claws] (Black is worn.) 45L$

:::insanya::: – Dominator 2.0 (Black.) 250L$

Happy Undead – Mini Skirt (Vinyl black.) 150L$

erratic / fishnet thin (Black.) 149L$

Leg Fades:
{Lemon Tea} – Alta Dips (Black Leg Only is worn.) 75L$

PIXEL FASHION – Oshun Shoes (Black.) 450L$

LocationBytegang Project (Outside Of Dirty Lynx Store.)

Favorite song from the Catwoman play-through of Batman: Arkham City.

– Astrexia Chrome


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