Astrexia Chrome


The color white is such a lovely perception of incandescence. Ultimately its one of my favorite colors, especially when it comes to dressing in a futuristic style. It’s a pure & delicate color, that I’m very attracted to.

I’m wearing some accessories from Hello Spacegirl, those items are both the Bubble Goggles & Ilia Collar. Products I’ve blogged about before & got into many of the details & positives of them. They are some of my favorite items to wear, whether if I’m going in a cutting edge direction with my look or another different style entirely.

I’ve been dying to wear this dress from ELIXIR, for so long it’s been in my inventory & to finally be able to put together an outfit with it, is love~
It’s a very sassy futuristic looking dress.

Like the dress mentioned above, these boots by [PO] have been in my inventory for the longest time…
I would always attempt to fit in to certain outfits but they don’t work for everything. It’s because they have such a glossy finish to them, so it’s best paired with latex or other clothing articles which are also shiny. Yes, they’re gorgeous & look fabulous when worn with the right things. So glad I could finally get them on! They’re just so yummy.

[e] – Sparrow Essentials Collection (White 05 is worn.) 220L$

Glam Affair – Roza – # 08 (The Arcade Gacha Events.)

Hello Spacegirl – Bubble Goggles in Hex (Modified.) 129L$

“tsg” – Reflections in Pink 100L$

Hello Spacegirl – Ilia Collar Fatpack (White is worn.) 299L$

ELIXIR – Renegade Minidress in White 375L$

USB Piercing:
[ES] – Usb & Plug Piercing / Unisex 75L$

Dermal Android System:
iLOGiC – Custom Dermal Android System (DAS Custom No Back No Dimples 2 is worn.) 399L$

** Bish Gloves in White (TSF) 100L$

Pietas Obscurum – Mesharah Boots V2 600L$

LocationChouchou XVI: The Babel

– Astrexia Chrome


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