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As of late I have been rather busy IRL with doctor appointments & daily crap & it has been getting in the way or keeping me from posting at a timely fashion during the day. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 with my boyfriend a lot, I’m rather addicted to that game at the moment.
During these next few days & hopefully in general, I’m going to attempt to blog just about every other day or so. I’m not making any concrete promises here, just trying to blog more when I can fit it in because it’s really a joy to share my looks, & opinions with you, the loved reader.

I decided to have a dark stylized futuristic look this time around, leaving my face & hair to be bright & beautiful. Its been some time since I’ve blogged about my favorite type of style, I’ve so missed it.

I’ve been in-love with this hair by [elikatira] way before it was created in SL, when I was a lot younger I sported such a haircut… although, I was more of a nerd more than anything. The reason I love this hair is because of a certain character in one of my most favorite fighting game franchises ever, Anna Williams from Tekken. It’s very similar to her hair style, it also makes me think of another video game character although she isn’t extremely well known unless you’re heavily into the game series… I’m talking about Silent Hill 3 & the mysterious Fukuro Lady. She’s only seen a few times within the game & I will say that the nurses have a very striking resemblance to her. & Now I’m realizing I’m rambling on about video games… Okay, So like I said [elikatira] & its creation Looking, is very close to my heart.
I do hope to re-create those two game characters mentioned at some point, if I can find the right clothing articles & such.

The Neck Corset is from [Etchaflesh], I purchased it not too long along & was glad to be able to put it to good use so quickly. It fits perfectly on where it lays, well done alpha layers & there are a verity of these to choose from.
I love the shape & the o-rings on the front & back.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging eyes from TSG a lot lately, I’ve been head over heals with TSG eyes for the past few months. They’re so freaking adorable!
Each series of eyes has a color & style just for you. I love the vibrant colors & they’re just amazing. Here I’m wearing the one of the latest series of eyes called Reflections Eyes in the color Pink.
Each pair of eyes are 100L$ & they include mesh eye balls if they’re needed.

The cute little waist cincher is from SugarPill, it can be bought separately from the Latex Skank outfit & includes an upper & lower waist cinchers for the low price of 50L$! Not only a bargain, but very well done product. No mesh here, just simple clothing layers & great texturing.

Seraphim Systems – Villain Goggles 200L$

[e] – Looking in Rainbow Colours (Colour #09 is worn.) 220L$

*League* – Skin Sia (In Fair Champagne) 1,195L$

+Nuuna+ – Zion 2 makeups (Pinkish is worn.) 100L$
{D.A} – Ose Eyeshadows Pack (Ose Pink is worn. Past FI*Friday’s item.)

“tsg” – Reflections (Pink.) 100L$

[PXL] – OpenMouth PRO v1.2 450L$

Neck Corset:
[Etchaflesh] – Zip Me Up Kalima Neck Corset 250L$

Color.Me.H.O.F – [AnjaFurShoulders] GIFT (Free!)

TDR Shop of the collection: A&A Fashion – Number One Dress Black
(Past TDR item that can still be purchased at the mainstore, should be to the right through the entrance door.) 100L$

Waist Cincher:
. sP. ; – Latex Cinchers (High Cincher is worn.) 50L$

SiniStyle – Taped Guts 25L$

[1A] – Workman gloves (In Greys, Coal is worn.) 100L$

erratic / fishnet wide (Black.) 149L$

ISON – carazon boot (Black.) 345L$


– Astrexia Chrome


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