Glitch Grantham

Roza is here :D

Okay so this isn’t your ordinary Glam Affair release ladies, so please pay attention. Roza (basic) has finally been released.
Roza comes in the glam affair new skin tones Artic, Europa, America, Jamaica, India, And Africa.
Here’s where it gets out of the usual, each skin tone has their own makeup, so don’t go crazy buying blindly, take your time out to demo them and see for yourself what you’d like. I have to compliment Aida for the wonderful job she did with the makeups, each makeup suits the tone of skin and looks beautiful, the makeups compliment the skin tone which is truly amazing.
Each package contains 4 makeups and 1 clean version. Each makeup comes in 6 variations, blonde, brown and red eyebrows and with or without hairbase.

With that said, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves about the beauty of the skin itself!

Run run, RUN FOR ROZA!

Happy Shopping!

ps, I realize I messed up with the pictures… don’t judge me I only JUST noticed ;[


– Glitch


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