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So as I promised a while ago that I would blog with the T-rex here we are. It’s exciting and new and seeing the outcome of the pictures was also like aaaaa, because as you can tell she’s amazing at what she does. With that said, a blog with us together was long overdue, I had a million ideas but none ever fell through.
I stumbled upon the gloves featured in the blog post and I just knew it would be an item that like me, she just had to have. She threw out the idea of blogging them together and it was just like *-* AH, FUCK YES. With that all said and done, a few weeks of procrastination from my part, here’s the look we put together for yous, I hope you enjoy!

Finally Glitch & I join forces! It’s been something we have been wanting to do for a while but with our schedules being so crazy it always got delayed, or forgotten. I so enjoyed this experience so much, I think there will be more posts from us together in the future.
I was sooo excited to work on this picture & I’m so happy with the result. I hope you all enjoy the looks we came up with for these amazing Essen Puppet Gloves from Pixels inspired by ReiTuki’s artwork. They’re just sooo awesome!

On Glitch (Left):

Ears: O.M.E.N. – Set 1 – Bunny Ears Mesh – Bent Black
Antlers: [ContraptioN] Clemantlers *silver*
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Raquella [Hot 05]
Skin: [PF] Kumi <Ivory> – Light Smokey (dkbrow)
Eyes: Clemmm – Snicket Glass eyes (left)/Clemmm – Black Glass eyes (right)
Tatas: Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5
Tail: O.M.E.N. – Set 1 – Bunny Tail Mesh – Black

Noseline: K_gs NoseLine
Piercing: – .HoD. – Glitch v2 – Slide (custom)
Collar: …:::Scrub:::…RJ collar
Gloves: [-p-] EssenGloves [WHITE]/ [-p-] EssenPuppet [WHITE]

Top: ** Cropped Top Black
Corset: :[P]:-Ambrice Corset-J-Ruffle-Noir
Skirt: *!t :: Circus Jerk black
Fishnet: erratic / fishnet wide – full /
Stockings: :OW: “Neo-Grunge” Ripped Leggings [Socks]
Shoes: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black

On Astrexia (Right):

Bunny Ears & Tail:
O.M.E.N – Fantasy Bunny Ears (Black is worn.)

[BURLEY] – Your Highness Crown 01

[BURLEY] – Minna in Reds (Red 02 is worn.)

.::Mother Goose’s ::. – HoRanG set (HoRanG01 is worn.)

“tSg” – WetLook (Red)

Eye Patch:
K_gs – Medical Eyepatch

{D.A} – Anime Blush
[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] – The Liner 12 Options (Longer Eyeliner Option 2 is worn.)

Face Scar:
SlightlySkewed – Facial Scars – (Updated, Scar Left Eye 1 is worn.)

::Anara’s:: – Whiskers (Part of [Anara] Basic Black Neko Set.)

SiniStyle – Demonic Collar

Net Body:
[Nein!] – StringyNet v3

Sheer Bodysuit:
Color.Me.H.O.F – Anja Sheer Bodysuit

Left Hand – [-p-] EssenGloves (Red.)
Right Hand – [-p-] EssenPuppet (Red.)

*Sheer* – Tights 29: Very Torn (Black.)

Leg Fades:
{Lemon Tea} – Alta Dips (Black is worn)

ISON – carazon boot (black)


– Astrexia & Glitch <3


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