Astrexia Chrome


It’s been getting colder & colder where I live at, so cold that I wanted my avatar to wear a coat. I’m wearing a coat but not conforming to the thought of completely covering up. Some may say “Well what’s the point of that?” I say, fashion & the want to show some skin!
Anyway let me talk about a few things that I’m wearing here, but I’m keeping it fairly short. WHY?! Well because it’s cold & I would very much like to get back in bed & cuddle my kitty Pampy.

Picture Location: HERE

First off, this hair… Oooh~ This hair by [BURLEY] is my current love affair. It’s made to be worn for guys, but so what? I can wear it too! There’s nothing some modifying can’t help to make it conform anyone’s head, male or female. I bought Noah in reds because I like red & I love the different shades of red it comes in. What can I say? Noah stole my heart…

The Mods Coat from *chronokit* is just fabulous. There are many color options of the coat to choose from & the fur is optional. It was a bit expensive for my taste because I didn’t have much & L$ to begin with, but I’m so glad I bought it anyway. The coat is 400L$ & the optional fur is an extra 50L$. It’s just a great coat to have because: the design is different, amazing texture, very versatile, optional fur add-on, it conforms to the body so very nicely & the alpha layer is done well because it hides everything that needs to hidden for this coat to look its best.

I bought another pair of eyes from [Beautifully Grotesque] recently, they’re from the same series that I previously blogged about only that it’s in a different color. This one is the Orchid color & I love it. I think these eyes are so grotesquely pretty~

The kick-ass boots are from [GW] & these are just pelvic thrusting in cold air worthy! These boots come with two versions in each package, one with & without straps. I like the that alpha layer is modify-able  because I definitely had to mod it to hide my legs correctly. These Hoof Boots are really easy to fit & adjust the alpha if needed. They’re just so sexy, the curvature of the entirety of the boot is perfect in my eyes, very well done in all of its aspects.

{D.A} – The Wildling Antlers (Past GSP Item.)
*Illusions* – Sika Antlers 125L$

[BURLEY] – Noah in Reds (Red number 02 is worn.) 300L$

[Beautifully Grotesque] – Contaminated Eyes in Orchid 100L$

-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02 (Mesh Eyeliner.) 119L$

.:Glamorize:. – Guyliner Eye Makeup (Eyeshadow is worn.) 5L$

Face paint:
{D.A} – Leopard WarPaint 55L$

::Angelicus Collection:: – Collar ~1~ 250L$

Chest Tattoo:
:Little Pricks: – Kismet 110L$

*chronokit* – Mods coat 01 Unisex (Black.) 400L$

Coat Fur:
*chronokit* – Mods coat 01 Fur (White.) 50L$

*Epic* – Construct Halter Tops (Essential Pack, Black is worn.) 139L$

*BLITZED* – Legacy belt (Black.) 220L$

KIM – Wardrobe4 Black Skirt 49L$

..::AKA::.. – Fishnet, lace, rape & bloody rape tights (Fishnet Tights are worn) 55L$

[GW] – Hoof Boots (Black) 350L$

– Astrexia Chrome


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