Astrexia Chrome

Feeling Pretty~

Okay today I’m here to show off some of my new favorite things that I’ve bought today, & to also to show off some TSF exclusive items, majority of them from [SHUSH]. I’ll also be wearing mesh gloves from Linc that are also an exclusive for TSF.
Avy Fhang of [SHUSH] has made these super cute shirts & shorts exclusively for The Swag Fest fair. Both items are reasonably priced @ just 99L$ & that’s really a steal in my books, not only is it priced low but they’re cute & functional.
Avy asked me days before the event opened to the public to do her vendor image for the items, so I found it fitting that I would also blog about them as well.

:Little Pricks: released new ink & is named, Kismet. I really, really like it a lot. It starts under the chin & expands to the chest & upper arms. I really like how intricate the design looks & it’s priced well, if I remember correctly it cost me only 110L$! Not many tattoos these days are cheap & look pretty at the same time.

Below I will be displaying the shirts & also the shorts, below each of those collages I will be sharing what else I’m wearing if you’re curious to know.

Hair/Wasabi Pills/ – Veronica Mesh Hair (Mesh, Vanilla pudding) Available today for FLF! YES, it’s only 50L$!
Eyes“tSg” – Awake (Ice Blue) 100L$
Tattoo:Little Pricks: Kismet 110L$
Shirts[S] – Famous Tees (Mesh) 99L$

HairMagika – Pretty (Mesh, Natural Colors) 250L$
Eyes“tSg” – Awake (Ice Blue) 100L$
Gloves** – Bish Gloves (Mesh, Black) 100L$
Shorts[S] – Denim Shorts (Mesh) 99L$

– Astrexia Chrome <3

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