Astrexia Chrome


I don’t always dress in a stylized way, I dress casually too… Not very often, but I do. Today is one of those days I just want to relax because I’m feeling content & I don’t get to enjoy this feeling very often.

Let me explain some of the reason as to why I’m feeling this way… Last night I decided to add Strawberry Singh as a contact on Flickr, I’ve liked her blog for quite some time & followed up on her just as many others do as well. I went to bed tired as ever & when I woke up I had noticed a text message sent to me by Glitch, which is one of my closest friends IRL. As I read the text message I was just in complete awe, Glitch was explaining that after adding Strawberry Singh on Flickr, she Plurked about my pictures & how amazing they were! When I was able to get on my computer & log on to my Flickr account, I was amazed with the amount of people adding me as their contact & all of the favorites that came from her sharing my work with others.

[M] – Emelie: Ivory Pure

{Anatomy} – Ellie

*Dura* – Girl 31(Black)

Clemmm – Hazel Glass eyes (Available @ {Souffle} Mainstore)

*BLITZED* – Legacy choker (Black)

Chest Tattoo:
[CORVUS] – Skull Chest Tattoo

erratic – cory – oversized sweater (Plain black. Available @ FaMESHed!)

*Linc* – Slutty Skirt w/ Black String (Black)

ChaChaDee! – ME GLAMOROUS HighHeels (Black)

– Astrexia Chrome


4 thoughts on “Relaxed.”

  1. Sometimes we all just need a poke to show us where to find beauty that is hidden just out of reach of us normally. Your work is truly amazing and I’m glad that Strawberry helped us all open our eyes to it. <3

    1. Aww… That’s very nice of you to say, thank you. & I’m grateful Strawberry decided to share my work, it’s given me a confidence boost seeing that people really do enjoy my work & all the effort I put into it.

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