Glitch Grantham

The Swag Fest

This will be my post for the swagfest. I took my time out with it because well.. I wanted to pick out what I wanted to blog and what I didn’t, put it together in 1 post even though it might have been a clusterfuck of pictures but I can guarantee you, it won’t be. As bloggers we were allowed to blog what we liked… I’m a picky person.. and this might sound mean but I promise I’m not trying to be. I’m just trying to be honest and this a message to some of you designers out there.. slapping the word “swag” doesn’t make an item any more.. lets say “swagtastic”.. god I feel my brain turning into goo as I’m typing this.. doesn’t make it any more appealing to the public. Honestly I’m not big on “swag” I don’t care much for it but I did care for an event who had some of the designers I usually shop from so I figured, why not, something different! I’m glad to say some designers pulled through and made things worth taking a look at, however it’s not for everyone I tell you that, and not much of it was for me. I’ll post things that caught my eye, I won’t get into why like I usually do in most posts, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, please check out Astrexia’s posts as she posted some stuff that I would have had the pleasure in blogging… and well… if you find this post lacks swag, write up a complaint, slap it in an envelope, stamp it, and eat it.

Skin Used – Pink Fuel
Eyes Used – Clemmm
Piercing – HoD- (custom)
Shoes Used – J’s, MStyle, Elikatira
Hair: Elikatira, Magari & Monso, Alice Project
Accessories – Mijn, k_gs, HoD, Blitzed, Abyss, Tokugawa, Iced
Additional clothing NOT from the swagfest:
Underwear – Glam Affair
Mesh black jeans – Medley

[S] Zipper Dress Mesh *Denim Black*

[Cynful] – Dutchy’s Tanktard ~ Black (wear me)
!Blah. (My Cheetah Short Skirt / Black)
!Blah. (My Leather Tank – Mesh/Black)

[Cynful] Deliciosa – Cheetah
[Cynful] Deliciosa – Giraffe
[Cynful] Deliciosa – Zebra

Paperbag. Bleached Denim Half Top
[Cynful] – Dutchy’s Tanktard ~ Faded Brown (wear me)
illmatic :: Khaki Camo Shorts
Paperbag. Denim White Waterfalls

Single Poses – Illmatic
Couples – Pose Maniacs (thanks to my girlfriend for posing with moi)


Everything below the picture can be found at The Swag Fest.

Officially started yesterday, don’t be surprised over lag, take off your pretty scripts, put a cork in it and have a low lag shopping experience.

– Glitch


4 thoughts on “The Swag Fest”

  1. I have to admit to doing the cheesy fist pump while reading your post. Because I have the same exact feelings about a lot of the clothes at the swag fest mostly anything that has the word swag slapped on it was overlooked by me. I was expecting some classier swag if that makes any sense. Kudos to you for speaking your mind, Kidnapper Maja<3

    1. At first I was hesitant to speak my mind just because I didn’t want to be looked at as the asshole who tried to put something down, then I remember, since when do I care what other think? Not often. It’s my blog and well, I’ll be honest in my posts and with my readers. <3 Kidnapped Daja

  2. Omg Right on!!, the swag fest was just mesh templates over used! Nothing was even swag at all. There are around 100 stores in SL which under stand the meaning of swag but unfortaunity none of them were there, would have been nice to see some of these untouched jems a part of something they call there own clothing style!

    1. I don’t mind templates so long as designer add a little something to it, their own touch ya know? rather than just slap a texture, write swag on it and call it a day. That was a no go… too many of the same objects being sold, with different textures.. it was really off putting… that’s what happens with a lot of events so I’m not saying it’s just this.. but the abundance to it was a bit much for me.. especially when the only items I wanted to post were already blogged by another author in this here blog. I didn’t want it to get repetitive. I didn’t know what to expect but most of the things sold was not something I was expecting and if I have to be 100% honest, I’m going to say it was too much of a pleasant surprise with the exception of very few designers as I stated above.

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