Astrexia Chrome

TSF Part 2: Craziness.

This is another post about exclusive items for TSF. My brain feels all foggy from the medication I’m taking for the flu its also making me feel really drowsy, that’s not going to stop me from blogging though. Also, I decided to bring out Harue to show some of the male & unisex items. I won’t be going into deep detail but just the basics. Enjoy!

The top I’m wearing is from SOUL, although it’s a top its long enough to get away with wearing it as a dress, which is what I’ve done. The Peek a Boo Top has the left breast is exposed, so this is a top for those who are daring enough to wear. This is a MESH item & comes in sizes: XXXS-L, it also includes an alpha layer.
Again, I’m wearing one of the tattoos I posted previously, the Tenjin “On the Road to Ruin.” I thought it looked nice with my vibrant hair. I can’t seem to take off the …::: Scrub :::… Knuckleduster Nails because I like them so much!

The vest hoodie with shirt is from Kapone, & will be available in five color combinations for the men. Each version comes in sizes; S-XL & includes three different types of alpha layers.
These awesome sweatpants are by Stained Clothing & is; unisex, MESH & comes is seven sizes from: XXS-XL. It’ll be available in four variations, Black Denim, Black Sweat, Blue Denim & Grey Sweat. I’m wearing the Grey Sweat Mesh Baggies here. I’m also wearing *BeReckless*’s slip-ons again which are unisex, this time in the fourth style that has comic book heores.

On Astrexia:

*League* – Skin Isla (Fair in ChinaDoll)

[e] Studio – Rainbow Colours (Wearing Colour 10)

Head Band:
[monso] – My Bunny Band Gift Pack

{D.A} Sinistre – Injected Aquatic Blue

SiniStyle – Demonic Collar

SOUL. – Peek a Boo Top EXCLUSIVE – TSF (Available @ The SWAG Fest on October 1st)

Tenjin – On the Road to Ruin Tattoo Swag Exclusive (Available @ The SWAG Fest on October 1st)

SiniStyle – Taped Fist

…::: Scrub :::… Knuckleduster Nails (Available @ The SWAG Fest on October 1st)

erratic – fishnet thin (Black)

J’s – ThighHigh Boots (Black)

On Harue:

~Tableau Vivant~ FBH 2012 exclusive

*SH* – Saku Hair (In Black)

Hair Picks:
– .HoD. – Celtic Swirl Hair Picks – SLIDE

{D.A} – Sinistre: Injected Aquatic Blue

:Hebenon Vial: – Pierced! Ears v3.0

Kari – Audio wire bracelet – Redux

Vest Hoodie & Shirt:
Kapone – MESH vest hoodie whit shirt blackgrey (Available @ The SWAG Fest on October 1st)

::SC:: – Swag Grey Sweat Mesh Baggies (Available @ The SWAG Fest on October 1st)

*BeReckless* – Dayanna Mesh Slip-on #4 (Available @ The SWAG Fest on October 1st)

– Astrexia & Harue

Visit: The Spouge! Blog for more LOTDs, product reviews & more!

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