Astrexia Chrome

Let the swagger begin.

Besides being sick with the flu, I was invited to become a blogger for the upcoming urban street-wear fashion fair, known as; TSF or The SWAG Fest. Of course I gracefully accepted & will be blogging about exclusive items from designers that will be available on October 1st, 2012. The only items that I will be showing off will be the ones that I like or love & believe they should be looked at by others.
So far only a handful of designers have provided the bloggers for the event with their exclusives, so I will be posting a couple more times after this.

These shorts from * .:: deeR ::. * will be available at The SWAG Fest, they’re an exclusive item for the ladies. These MESH denim shorts can be changed to many colors provided by the HUD, each color has two versions: One with a torn/ripped patch & one clean version. In the package I received which was called [Multi-Version] included these colors: Black, Dark Blue, Gray, Blue, Red & Pink on the first HUD. The second HUDs colors are as follows: Slate Green, Slate Coffee, Slate Blue, Slate Purple, Slate Pink & Slate Turquoise.
I’ll be showing the first HUDs color options below.

The Slip-ons are from *BeReckless* they’re unisex & I really like them. They come in four different texture designs only listed as numbers 1-4. The texture on them is very clear, you can easily make out what’s on them. The first three designs have skulls included in some way, while the last pair has comic book heroes displayed in the style of comic panels. All four of them in my opinion are awesome~

The rings & nails are from …::: Scrub :::… & they come in both male & female versions.
The nails have an interesting construction, they’re hollow in the middle while the left & right side of that hollowed rectangle has sharp spikes, which somewhat resemble a saw & the upper portion of the nail has a little evil skull. These are pretty interesting & I like ’em.

The tank top I’m wearing is by [KAMOURASKA], it’s called the Sayabec Tank Top in SVVAG. It’s a MESH top & even without an alpha layer it fit me just right. They come in five texture designs, obviously the one I’m wearing was my favorite.

The two tattoos I will be showing are: (flaunt)‘s ‘Street Cred Tattoo & Tenjin‘s ‘On the Road to Ruin two very different Tattoo Exclusives for TSF.

Like I said, The SWAG Fest will be open to the public on October 1st, 2012! There are many great designers participating in this fair & is definetly something you should be looking out for. I’ll be posting more another day, for now I need some rest. <3

Other items worn:

>TRUTH< – Siri in colours (Siri w/Roots in Bubblegum is worn)

Glam Affair – Mia Natural: Disco A 02 (Past C88 Item)

.ID. – Purple-Pink Flare @ The Arcade Gatcha Event

Underwear is from:
.sP. – Wetlook Lingerie (Pink is worn)

Tattoo in first pictures:
BlackFeet – Maori (Free)

– Astrexia Chrome

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