Astrexia Chrome


Lori Stanton of Corvus has opened an in-world store a short time ago (I think just some days ago) & that made me happy.

I remember coming across her marketplace store while searching for an inverted cross for one of my previous blog posts, & to my amazement I found that she had made a tattoo of just that. I think that was the instant that I had fallen for Corvus. Starting out with make-up, tattoos & gore related applications, I knew that I would keep this store in my bookmarks. Lori then released an assortment of tops & dresses, the Gas Mask Skull Shirt was my first purchase of apparel from Corvus & I adore it.

It comes in; XS-L, sizes for mesh & also an alpha layer, the detail is great & the fabric has a slight grungy quality to it.
The prices are extremely cheap, I think that’s another thing that attracted me… This shirt is just 35L$! & It’s mesh… Like srsly, that’s too good to pass up.
This shirt inspired me to go in a post-apocalyptic approach & since it’s one of my favorite sub-genres of science fiction I didn’t have much trouble putting this together.

RAW HOUSE – Urban Savage 2 (Blacks)

*League* – Isla Fair in ChinaDoll

.ID. – Moody Vamp / Wispy Aqua

Facial Piercing:
:Hebenon Vial: – Beast (Ink)

:[P]:-FashVoodoo://Swindler (Leather) [From FashionVoodoo Fair]

*BLITZED* – Legacy choker (black)

.HoD. – Nothing’s Necklace

>T< – Hacker Goggles

Camouflage Body-paint:
** – CamoBody [1L$ on the wall]

[CORVUS] – Gas Mask Skull Shirt (MESH)

Rolling Pin:
.:-CatniP-:. – Mrs. Lovett’s Roller [Doesn’t seem to be available anymore]

TonkTastic – Paratrooper Fatigues (Liver Brown)

<TheAbyss> – Grunge Boots (Black) [The 100L Sale (2011) Still available HERE]

– Astrexia Chrome

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