Astrexia Chrome

Last Warning!

I plan to keep this post as short as possible, I’m in a sever state of hunger. I need to do some grocery shopping before I die. For now let me countinue with this post, enjoy~

Not the most well behaved type of schoolgirl I suppose…Lighting her cigarette in class has earned her, her last warning.

This awesome mesh plaid pleated skirt from FK’N’Hawt pretty much inspired me to go for the schoolgirl look.
For me this skirt moved very well with the body, I didn’t see much sinking into the skin while doing awkward poses so it’s a fairly solid mesh skirt. It’s also available in solid colors if you don’t like plaid. First mesh skirt I have truly liked overall, as of yet.
These skirts are surprisingly cheap & for the quality you get, its definitely worth it. Each skirt is priced @ 95L$!

The cute little bow on my head is from (Elate!). It’s actually a headband but I modified it quite a bit, making the headband invisible & changing the position of the bow. I really adore the bow very much, I thought it would add a slight feminine touch to this tough schoolgirl look.

I’ve been loving the recent release of Sinistre eyes from Dead Apples, they’re very eye-catching.
The colors & style of them make them the type of eyes you can wear with just about any look.

& these boots from A&Y, I don’t really have to describe the sheer amazingness of them, but I think I will. Just a little bit~
The Deuz Boots have made it to my lengthy list of favorite boots. The HUD it includes is great, super easy to use allowing you to change different section of the boot to many color options. You can easily add glow or shine & also just as simply remove it.
The Deuz Boot is rigged mesh & comes in sizes; S, M & L, it’s best to try a demo before you buy it for it may not fit everyone as they would like.
You get the long & short version of the boot as well. These boots can result in many possibilities for any kind of outfit you would want to introduce these to. Even though they are in the style of cyber-punk that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in other looks, just as I have done.

Hair bow:
(Elate!) – Silk Bow Headband

[e] – Quirky (Black – 04)

LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin (Number 06 worn)

{D.A} – Sinistre: Drowned Blue

:Hebenon Vial: – Beast (Ink)

Ha! – Dark Studded (Black)


Short hoody:
Happy Undead – short hoody jacket [black + dark grey] (Black is worn)

Schadenfreude – White Oxford Shirt

…:::Scrub:::… – My Muse Female

F’n’H – Pleat Skirt (MESH) in Black&White Plaid

A&Y – Deuz Boots Metallic (Black)

Astrexia Chrome

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