Astrexia Chrome


I’ve been meaning to post this some days ago but as usual something always has to come up & mess up my plans. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little distraction but I like to get things done A.S.A.P.
Vintage Fair 2012 has been blogged about many, many times before… Although I haven’t had the chance to do so. Not many things caught my eye while checking it out, well…, let me clear that up.
There were a handful of things that did, but I’m really picky with my purchases because well, I don’t fart nor crap Lindens. Otherwise, this would be a completely different post.

These boots from ISON were an instant buy! (After debating on which color to buy) The “Carazon Boot” is a MESH item, so as usual be sure to try on a demo before going crazy & buying a pair or two.
I actually couldn’t decide on just one color to purchase so I went along with my two favorite colors; black & white! Harry Hyx‘s items for Vintage Fair are all amazing & follow a true vintage feel, but these boots hit me hard.
I absolutely love every detail there is to these boots; from the platform, texture, cute accent buckle on the side & just the right length.

One of the hair styles from Alice Project for Vintage Fair named “Lynn,” was calling me. Very vintage inspired, torn out of a pin-up models photograph kind of style. I love it.
I had never bought hair from Alice Project before so when I first got into its HUD, it was a treat.
You can change the color of different areas of the hair separately, go with preset color combinations or just go random with it. You’re sure to get a really cute & interesting look no matter what you decide to go with.
This is also another MESH item, it includes quite a few different alpha layers for your pretty little head & of course the HUD.

I’ve decided to try going my usual route with a cutting edge approach, & I pulled it off with some vintage glam. I paired the previously mentioned items with Hello Spacegirl & SUGARPILL.

-Glam Affair – Roza BaroQ – 02 (Available @ Collabor88)

+Nuuna+ – Zion 2 makeups (Female – Pinkish tat)
*BOOM* – Love my eyes Liner

Alice Project – Lynn (Available @ Vintage Fair 2012)


Violet Studios – Firepit Eyes Stone

Goggles, Collar & Corset:
Hello Spacegirl

SUGARPILL – Wetlook Lingerie in Silver

ISON – Carazon Boots in Sliver (Available @ Vintage Fair 2012)

Astrexia Chrome

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