Astrexia Chrome


Lately if I’ve been logged on SL it was mainly because I was shopping. That’s really not like me, but so many events & fairs have been going on in rapid succession that I’ve been just going around & buying things that catch my attention.

Take this lovely Victorian style vinyl corset from A&Y, available at Fashion Voodoo Fair. The advertisement picture had me almost sold… Almost.
I was heavily considering buying it while I was checking out all other things at the fair. I ran into my bestfran Glitch & she happened to mention the corset. After talking about it a bit & trying the demo, I was then unsure about the texture as much as she was. I really liked the colors they chose for the drapery & the construction as well, but it seemed a bit plastic like & the fabric of the drapery seemed as it was a little rushed.
Nonetheless, I went along & bought it because I figured that if I changed things a bit with the HUD it includes & actually wear it, I would grow to like it more & or even love. That’s exactly what happened.

After tweaking it a bit, combining it with the right things & hair… I love it.
It’s just 250L$ & the fact that it was that cheap was also a factor in me purchasing it.

The Victorian vinyl corset is rigged mesh, it includes an alpha layer, 3 sizes of the corset.
The HUD is very easy to use, if you’re not familiar with A&Y‘s HUDs, it will include a note-card explaining how to use it along with a picture for reference.
You can change the color of the: border, drapery, lacing, body & joins. You can also adjust the glow effect which is great.

The hair by is Elikatira & available at Collabor88 for its first year anniversary.
It makes me think of Jessica Rabbit & I very much like her. This hair is currently one of my favorites. It’s just so sleek & stylish. <3
of course this being Collabor88, it’s only 88L$!

& Also, some dancing doesn’t hurt.

*League* – Skin Isla Fair (ChinaDoll)

[elikatira] – Thrive – Essentials Collection (Red 8) @ Collabor88

“tSg” – Awake (Aqua)

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -39- Luscious
& [ni.Ju] – Hime-yu prim lashes (bottom ver only)

[ni.Ju] – Hime-yu

+pe+ – Strapped in Collar

A&Y – Victorian Vinyl Corset @ Fashion Voodoo (Direct TP)

How Vexing! – [Neko Claws] (Black)

. sP . – Wetlook Lingerie

J’s – ThighHigh Boots (Black)

– Astrexia Chrome

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