Astrexia Chrome

A Cybernetic Aqua Illusion

So, so sorry I haven’t blogged anything for a while. I’ve been having some issues with both my CPU & GPU; they’ve been getting a bit too hot for my taste. & It really doesn’t help that this summer heat is that of a thousand crotches. I’ve been able to lower their temperatures, for the moment; I just hope it doesn’t get out of hand again because I will start ripping the hair out of my head. Srsly.

Before all of that craziness I finally had the opportunity to purchase another outfit from Alruneia Sentry. The one on my list was: “Of Eight :: Naunet“.

I had been drooling over it since its release but as usual, I was a bit cash–strapped so I had to wait.
As I was finally able to purchase it I was so thrilled & I still am. Since my purchase, I have yet to take it off.
This catsuit has these amazing looking scales on it reminiscent of a fish, highlighting certain areas of the body along with the light reflections.
The center of the catsuit is transparent while the arms, legs & chest transitions into a dark fade, thus bringing the concentration to all the goodies.
It comes with many attachments, multiple layers & an interactive HUD for size, color & attribute changes.

The Of Eight wings have five different positions, which can be changed by clicking on them.
They go from; relax, display, open, lower & stretch.
One of my favorite parts to this outfit is the shoes. Tight around the knee & the rest thins down so sensuously, it really emphasises your legs, hips & the butt beautifully.
I love it~

The ears I have on are from Lovely Alien, a relatively small SL Marketplace shop. Seven Paragorns’ “Webbed Elf Ears” were my first buy & they’re so adorable & unique.
As they are web-like, I thought that pairing it with this outfit would fit & of course, I was right.
These Webbed Elf Ears come in two skin tones for easy coloring to match your skin & three textures to vary from; clean, dark tips & heavy. It also comes with its own nifty alpha layer to hide your ears.

The hair was a bit of a challenge.
I knew I wanted something short & if possible, something that would show the ears off. I looked through my inventory & stopped at the /Wasabi Pills/ portion of my hair section. I hadn’t worn Wasabi Pills Claire before, but I remembered that the hair was short & had the right side of the hair tucked behind the ear. I placed the storm shade of Claire on my bald little head & BAM! It was like magic.


Glam AffairLeah – Fantasy Line (Old TDR item.)

/Wasabi Pills/ Claire Mesh Hair – (Storm)

.{Rue}. Eye’d/Khepri: Grey Set (Wearing: Moon.)


-UtopiaH- – Ecdysis Tattoo
[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] – Longer Eyeliner (Option 2.)

Optical Shades:
>T< Optical Shades (Modded)

Lovely Alien – WebbedEars Set (Wearing: Darkened tips.)

*:Alu][Sen – Of Eight :: Naunet

That concludes my blog post for today. I hope you enjoyed reading & looking at my pictures, also don’t forget to visit: The Spouge! Blog for more LOTDs, product reviews & more!

Astrexia Chrome

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