Dream Afterthought


We are all created equal, we all come from the same exact place, regardless of your sex we all deserve  to be open, in public, & have the same rights.

I myself am in a committed long lasting relationship with an amazing female whom I love more than I can describe.

We met on sl, Met in real life, and now over a year later are living together happy as unicorns flying over rainbows. ( I’m not good at sentiments lmao)

But the point is if we choose to want to get married, or walk down the street holding hands we should be treated as everyone else.

Now I don’t have any sob stories or hardships about coming out, both of our family’s really support us, & the cause.

But that does not mean others don’t.. so gay, straight, bi, bi curious, asexual.. idc join the cause!

Please. =]

Also, my image =D


Main Page: Stand4Love

Participation Page: How-To-Help

– Dream Afterthought


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