Glitch Grantham


Alright so I promised an update so here it is, the whole internship thing starts tomorrow, they were smart enough to start me off on the same day that I have to take the certification exam, rather smooth. I should find out what my schedule will be like and if I’ll have time to blog or not, however as I mentioned before.. motivation’s been a little dead so even IF I have time, everything will really depend on sl as well, so it’s a mix between both..

I have some newish things for you, old things, previously blogged things, I won’t get into much besides telling you the lip add-on I’m wearing is freeeee! Group gift from dead apples. If you don’t know the store then you’re in for a treat, they have amazing makeup, and eyes as well, and to prove my point I decided to wear more than just the group gift in this post but feature some other items too. Enjoy.

Above is shown a picture of the lipstick, it comes in 2 colors, 3 different versions, light, medium and dark. I’ll assume it refers to the skin complexion, if you notice it’s not the lip color that gets darker but the creases. For my taste, I prefer to wear these colors with a lighter and/or natural skin tone. I personally don’t see the appeal of a really tan skin with makeups such as this but everyone has different taste don’t they? sure do and as a content creator I’d want to please all customers, and I think in making the 3 different shades is what Soleil did. (Keep in mind that this is my opinion expressed, I don’t expect everyone to agree, as I mentioned everyone has different taste, this is not a debate.)


Hair: ((Junwave)) Rebecca(LGM Jun) (store closed)
Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.HENA-III (milok hermit)
Eyes: {D.A} Lumiere Blue’s (Soleil Reid)
Eyelashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long/ (Thora Charron) – Cake – Cleo II Lashes (Stumbelina Ophelia)
Tattoo: Vestigium – Sugar Skull (Lu Scorpio)


Eyeliner: {D.A} Liquid Liners – Thick Liner Black (Soft)(Soleil Reid)
Lipstick: {D.A} Bubbly Lippies! (Wear me) – Bubbly Peach Light(Soleil Reid)


Piercings: – .HoD. – Dimpled Piercing – Slide – F (Aydan Darcy) // [ni.Ju] Mera Piercing Vitani Jun
Choker: *Cobrahive* Kusari Collar (Chikane Kaligawa)
Necklace: KOSH- THE KEY NECKLACE (Lynaja Bade)
Nails: -TSH- Midnight & Black Tipped Nails (Jade Composer)


Vest: fri. – Halter Vest (Viva Monday)
Bodysuit: Blah. (My Macrame’ Suit – Nude) (Hoshi Kimono)
Skirt: Blow-Up – MiniSkirt Zipped – Black Tartan (Lilith Reina)
Stockings: ** Garter Nylons Torn (CK Winx)
Shoes: Slink Margot Ballet Slippers Black (Siddean Munro)

– Glitch


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