Astrexia Chrome

Going Goth

I decided to go in the goth direction this time around & I very much like.
Enjoy reading while listening to: C2 and DJ reaver – God warrior

To be comepletely honest, I was never one to buy things from Sn@tch, because there was never much that would grab my attention…
But recently, Sn@tch came to mind.
I went to the main-store some odd weeks ago because I haven’t been there in such a long time, maybe close to a year. Anyway, as soon as saw the Harness Corset, my eyes opened & I bought it that instant.
It’s rare when that happens, but I so love it when it does.

This corest top has a nicely constructed, leather texture & comes with a collar as well.
As usual with Sn@tch, this corset comes in a fatpack with a multitude of dark colors to choose from at a bargain for just L$250.

I’ve paired my Strapped in Harness Corset from Sn@tch with **‘s Lust Corset & I fell in love with the result.

Negaposi has been around for years & sadly, the eyes from there are no secret.
Their eyes are not very realistic, instead they have an anime style to them, are very beautiful & vibrant. Eyes from Negaposi are always a good buy & will make your avatar have a different sparkle in its eyes.
Fatpacks of older eyes can be purchased at L$50! Which in my opinion is a steal.

These gloves from Plastik are one of my favorite. Long gloves are very stylish & can be worn with many different things. They come with sculpted prims for the upper & lower parts of the arms & can be easily adjusted to fit.
Personally, I do not like wearing the upper sculpted prims because I like that sleek look that evening gloves give to the arms.

& These shoes from Pixel Fashion, IDC how many times you guys see them on my damn avatar, because I honestly love them. They just go so well with just about anything. They are just simply amazing & if you do not own a pair, I suggest you go get them. Really.

[e] – Quirky (Black)

cStar Limited – Lilith (Ivory) [Discountinued]

Cake – Rag Doll Lashes

*BOOM* – Love my eyes Liner
.Pekka. – FLAVOUR Lipstick Goth

<<< np >>> – Vampire Eyes FATPACK (L$50 on the discount wall)

.:*December*:. – Glasses No. 65 [Discountinued, from 2011 Black Butler Hunt]

[label mode] – Hamby teeth

:Hebenon Vial: – Clockwork Collar (Burlesque) [Discountinued, Store is closed]

Sn@tch – Strapped In Harness Corsets
** – Lust Corset

[Plastik] – LipstickMuse (Black)

La Malvada Mujer – Claws Black

** – Diigii High Skirt Metallic (Black)

erratic / fishnet thin (black)

Leather garter & socks:
HouseofFox – LeatherGarter

Pixel Fashion – Oshun Shoes Black

The End.
– Astrexia Chrome


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