Astrexia Chrome


So this is a quick LOTD, but I’ll go into some detail a about a few items that I’m wearing.

Preferred music you should be listening to: HERE

The harness that I am wearing is actually part of a vest that I previously posted, my very first blog post to be exact…
It’s from: Tokugawa Heavy Industries & its T. Noir Vest, just modified so I could use the harness alone with other looks. It comes attached with the collar of the vest but if you tweek it a bit you can pretty much make the collar disappear from sight.
I do suggest you choose the color you want to use for the harness BEFORE modifying the collar. At times when you use the HUD to change the color it only makes the change to half of the harness, which is not bad if you have multiple colors going on with your outfit… But if you want that one solid color it’s best to do that before making changes to it & as always make copies of your stuff.

Another product from Tokugawa Heavy Industries are the pants, which are indeed MESH.
I really like the asymmetrical upper part of it & the fact that it comes complete with boots!
Depending on your shape it may not fit the hip & ass area, so you may have to make some changes with your shape. The reason the clipping happens is because of the alpha layer, for me its not the correct height of the pant, it seems to fall below where they fold. If you can get passed this & can mod your shape then this is a pair of pants you should look into getting.
Try the demo for yourself to see how you like them.

One last thing I want to mention is the bruising on my skin from: SlightlySkewed & it’s appropriately named Bruised.
I’ve posted this before but never talked about the product & honestly I should’ve because it’s great. It comes in many clothing layers & also tattoo layers, with the option to wear the full body or black eyes (left, right & both). It’s also tintable to match it too many different skin tones. The colors & textures used really make the bruising realistic.

[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Frenchie [Old Collabor88 Item]

Magika – Electricity (MESH)

.ID. – Light Sensitive (Light Blue/Green)

La Malvada Mujer – 8 [Eyebrows] (Tinted)

[ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] – The Liner 12 Options
<k.p> – Warpaint / Defeat

SlightlySkewed – Bruised

>SS< – Villain Goggles

Gas Mask:
<TheAbyss> – FM_Survival_Gas_Mask

UK. – PP. Robust chocker [Discontinued, Store is closed.]

[ AYUMI ] – Princess (Black) [Discontinued]

Harness is part of:


The End.
– Astrexia Chrome

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