Astrexia Chrome

Beautifully destructive attraction.

I am wearing a bit of mesh this time around, but I must say, they were absolutely neccesary to my life support. Srsly.
I have quite a bit to talk about in this post, so get your anus ready.

First, let me start off with Hello Spacegirl‘s latest release: the Ilia Collar. It has the similar design & texture as the Ilia Corset. If you’ve purchased the corset, this is a must or you can combine it with a different outfit all together. Hello Spacegirl’s collar has a slim fit, but it’s not too thin where it seems as though you have no neck to begin with.

It comes in black & white, the usual five standard sizes for mesh & a ton of alpha layers to hide your unpostured neck from the world.
The singles are priced @ L$199 & the fatpack is reasonably priced @ L$299!
Obviously, you are going to buy the fatpack just like me~

Below I will be showing both colors of the collar:

Secondly I want to talk about a corset that caught my eyes as I was store hopping a few days ago from [Moyet]. To be more specific: Extreme Plastic Corset.
I really like how shiny it looks & also the shape of the torso is sexy.
One minor complaint is that the corset that you get when purchased is in “full bright” & it also has a faint glow, but it can easily be fixed by editing it. It’s a mesh corset, but it can be modified by placing it on the ground & right clicking to edit & simply turning the full bright option off along with the brightness. Unless you like the full bright look, I suggest turning it off because it can get annoying when trying to mess with WL settings for pictures & such.
Other than that little initial bother, the corset is great.

Next on the list are these amazing shoes by [Diktator] which I had purchased awhile back, but never had the chance of wearing. The detail on the Obey Spine Heel Booties are amazing. I love the mesh-like snake skin texture on the front, killer spine heel & the platform had me the moment I saw them.
I will say that trying to achieve the exact match to your skins’ texture is a bit difficult, but don’t fret for it can be done, you just need patience with it… Because wearing these shoes are completely worth it.

& Finally, Super Bargain Saturday is coming up on its last weekend. & One of my favorite stores, Medley, has placed some of their old items back up just for the occasion. You can see that I’m wearing a few of the Medley’s previous items for SBS: Emelie Monochrome skin & Lip stripe which comes in a fatpack, so you get may colors.

[M] Emelie – Exclusive – SBS Monochrome [Available for a limited time for L$60]

::Exile:: – Groove Theory MESH [Available @ the Blue Street section of Coulture Shock 2012.]

.{Rue}. – Eye’d/Khepri: Moon

Left Ear: – .HoD. – Downward Spiral Gauge
Right Ear: – .HoD. – Dragon Spiral
Both available @: Sent To Destroy Shop 

La Malvada Mujer – 8 [Eyebrows]

*REDGRAVE* – Eyelashes – CornerPointed

. sP. – Shymr Eyeshadows
[M] – Lip Stripe Tattoo [Available for a limited time for L$60]

Hello Spacegirl – Ilia Collar MESH

La Malvada Mujer – Claws

[Moyet] – **Extreme** Plastic Corset MESH

Undergarment is part of:
Graves – G369 Gravity


The End.
– Astrexia Chrome


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