Astrexia Chrome

The Actor.

Woooo it’s Friday! I’m sure we’re all excited and happy about that! To keep things on a happy note I have some exciting news! AITUI will soon be releasing his Generation 3 stretched ears– in MESH! The ears come with 30 unique variations and an option to wear piercings on the ears. It also comes with the All-in-One hud that allows you to load all your texture packs for your ears into one hud along with the option to tint your ears and hide the piercings no matter what style of ear it is – how amazing is that? Instructions for the ears are also given in several languages. Click the following images for a larger view.

Skin: the body co. Elixir

Ears: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ears Tunnel Hybrid + Punch 2″ COMING SOON

Eyes: ID Mirror Eyes

Bracelet: MANDALA SINRA2 Bracelet

Hair: Hype – Micha

Tattoo: *NEW* Freaks & Geeks Skull Candy Tattoo




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