Dream Afterthought

Stuff In Stock – Vintage

Hay, Stuff In Stock is open again, with the theme of vintage, these are a hand full of items available there right now! =D

sis - chandelle shoes - enyo ring - cheeky dress - censored skin

♥ .::CENSORED::. ~ Leonor Skin

♥ .:cheeky:. ~ Red Dotted Tube Mesh Dress

♥ [EY:NO] ~ Dressed Stone Ring

♥ CHANDELLE ~ Zoey Shoe

sis - tea time bag-wow skin-miss c hair-retro dress


♥ .::WoW Skins::. ~ Sophia Skin

♥ Retro'( ~ Spring Dress

♥ *Tea Time ~ Vintage Mesh Clutch Bag

sis - avsage skin - lp outfit

♥ …::: AV!SAGE :::… ~ Vintage Doris Skin

♥ :::LP::: ~ Vintage Vinyl Outfit

I covered most of it, but there were some last minute items, so definitively go check the whole thing out, now onto gsp items =S

– Dream Afterthought


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