Astrexia Chrome

Hello Spacegirl

I’ve been extremely busy IRL & also video games have been keeping me away from doing certain things when I actually had intended to do them… Regardless, here’s another sci-fi LOTD from me & I’ll also be talking about a product that I’ve recently fallen in love with. Enjoy~

::Heavily edited picture for photography purposes. You may click on the image to get a larger view.::

I stumbled upon these awesome mesh goggles from a rather new little store on the SL Marketplace called Hello Spacegirl. The genius behind this operation is one that goes by the name of Laverne Donat.

Each colored set comes with three variations that include:
One with black strap & surroundings, one with white strap & surroundings, & an all-white version which is ideal for tinting.

Below I will show you my purchase of these lovely goggles, which were the Bubble Goggles in Hex & its three different variations.
I’ll also show two versions that I modified below those.

Also these goggles are non-rigged mesh, which means that you’ll be able to edit them as you would any sculpt. Another neat thing about these is that they’re super easy to tint,  make transparent & re-size with a nifty script. There are 6 colored versions in total.
The version I bought was a great buy at just L$129. The fatpack is priced at L$499.

This is a very well-made product & I highly reccomend them if you’re into the futuristic & sci-fi scene.
Hello Spacegirl currently only has these Bubble Goggles up for sale, but I’m sure that Laverne will put out even more great products in the near future.

& Now, for what I’m wearing:

Magika – [02] TwentyFour

Kin – Cricket [White]

cStar Limited – Lilith in Ivory (Might not be available.)

Eyes Included with:
cStar Limited – Lilith Skin – Unique Eyes Blind Spectrum

*BOOM* – Love my eyes Liner

La Malvada Mujer – 8 [Eyebrows ]

Hello Spacegirl – Bubble Goggles (Hex)

[twee.] – USB Cable Necklace (Old DSNH Item)

USB & Plug Piercing:
[ES] – Usb & Plug Piercing / Unisex >Boxed<

[Plastik] – Astrid – WhiteStripe

Kari – Audio wire bracelet – Redux

Nomine Gloves – half palm

*Linc* – Slutty Skirt w/ Black String Black

*Sheer* – Tights 29: Very Torn Black

[Gos] – GTFO Boots in Black

Now, for the full look.

::Click on the image above for a larger view.::

The End.
– Astrexia Chrome


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