Glitch Grantham


Usually, I do my blogging over the weekend since school tends to eat up my week days, my apologies for last weekend, was a bit hectic and I had no time to get anything done, not sl wise anyhow, RL took over and that will always and foremost be my priority so sorry for the delay but better late than never.

Today I bring you, polly 2 from al vulo in a new tone, caramel. Note that the skin has been released in another tone, chocolate so make sure you check that out as well. :>

Also upcoming goodies from vestigium, which you can read more about here. 

Make sure you check the link out and keep up with where the items will be and when.

On to the pics, yes?


Additional info:

Hair: Elikatira

Eyes: ID

Lashes: Lelutka

Underwear: Luck Inc.

Shoes: J’s

Shape: {Anatomy} Ellie

ps. This was brought to my attention earlier and I must share for the simple fact that a lot of avs I’ve seen walking around actually tend to look as ridiculous as this sometimes.

That’s all..


– Titchifer Assram

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