Glitch Grantham

ohohohohoho >:3

Here’s a quick LOTD before my classes start again tomorrow!



::Exile:: Callisto
the body co. Ylang Ylang
{D.A} Glam Eyeshadows
:Hebenon Vial: Aggression
– .HoD. – Cast Off Piercing Prt. 2 v2
– .HoD. – Thrust v2

*Cobrahive* Kusari Collar
Ink’D Up! :Notorious:
– .HoD> – Nothing’s Bracelet
SiniStyle Taped Fist
(love) casual blazer
Pig – Wolves
dl:: DL jeans Black with chain

Alrighty so that’s almost it. I want to share something somewhat personal with you guys.

Also included will be a side of my co-blogger/faja that you’ve never seen before.

See, she was kind enough to do this for me, sweet actions of her they were.. so I just want to share with you all cause it really just touched me.. :)


Thank you for the sweet wishes and emotional scarring… you’re welcome for my sharing your porn with our viewers.

With that I leave you all xD

– Titchifer Assram


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